Sunday, June 30, 2013

Outfit in Progress for MiniFee

The outfit, appropriately enough, is called All Dolled Up MiniFee.  It's by Adams-Harris Pattern Company and is one of three patterns I bought recently to make clothes for my MiniFee girls.  When it is finished, it will consist of jeans, a cropped top, and a long, flowing knit vest.

Pattern and the fabrics for the vest (foreground) and jeans.

I had hoped to get more of it done this weekend.  That's until my sewing machine decided the pink sparkle knit I chose for the top was very good to eat.  After it started chewing fabric, I opted to hand-sew the top instead.  What I should have done was verify that my machine had a ball-point needle installed.  I didn't, because I assumed the last thing I sewed was the blue knit top for Soom Quartz.  Obviously I sewed something else in between, because the needle I removed from my machine (after hours of tedious hand labor) has a regular point.  Lesson learned.  There is now no needle in my sewing machine.  The next time I want to use it, I will be forced to choose the appropriate needle.

Whoa!  Between the cropped top and the low rider jeans,
that's a lot of skin you're showing, Mallory.

Lucky for me, I already have a pair of jeans for MiniFee.  They were included in the sale when I bought my Shushu, Mallory.  Luckier still, the color works perfectly with the new pink top.  I am going to make another pair anyway, because once Siean's body arrives, I will have four MiniFee girls to dress.  I have a feeling they all will want their own jeans.  I am going to sew them in a pink mini-floral print next (it looks orange in the photo above), and then maybe in white to go with a green and blue stripe top.  After the white?  I don't know.  Still thinking about that one.

HDS (Her Delicate Strength) made the jeans.  A knotted
grosgrain ribbon works fine until I can make a belt.

The vest calls for a knit with some drape to it.  I have a few fabrics that will work.  Whether I can find coordinating knits for tops is another question.  For now, the present outfit will use the pink floral knit pictured above.  This fabric has given me problems in the past, but I think the vest is a better pattern for it.  Time will tell.

I love this wig.  It's called Lucy, from Cherish Doll.
The color is Strawberry Chocola.

Yesterday, while running an errand in town, I stumbled upon a shop that features both yarn and antiques.  You never know what you will find in a place like that, so of course, I had to browse.  What I found was labeled a hanging shelf.  It had some shiny new hanging hardware on the back, but in my opinion, this item started its life as a doll-sized chest of drawers, maybe for jewelry or to store other small treasures.  It has three drawers with an open shelf on the bottom, and I'll bet you a box of doughnuts that that shelf once held a now lost or broken fourth drawer.  From the looks of it, the paint job is of recent vintage.  I am thinking of painting it to match Caroline's parlor if my craft paints can duplicate that Wedgwood blue.  Or maybe I should paint it a different color altogether.  I'd love to find some replacement drawer pulls. Wouldn't you know, my town's only hobby shop closed its doors a few months ago.  Guess I'd better gas up the car.

Mallory shows off her antique store find.  That bottom shelf
will be perfect for shoes!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Wigs for the Boys

Why is it so hard to find a good, short wig for bjd boys?  I'll admit, I have only a rudimentary knowledge of wig-making.  Maybe it is more difficult to construct a head-hugging wig that is neither too full nor too long than it is to construct a full head of long wavy hair.  Some wig makers leave their short wigs long in front. That's okay with me if I am able to sweep the hair across the doll's forehead and have it stay in place.  Photo sessions turn into a real chore if I must spend half my time pushing hair out of my resin menfolk's eyes.  And let's talk about mohair wigs for a moment.  You can style them using nothing more than your fingers and the hair will stay in place.  The trouble is that when I look at one all I see is a fur hat.

So you can imagine my delight when I came across a short style men's wig at the Nine9Style website.  The wig is made by For My Doll and comes in a variety of colors and in sizes to fit most of my guys.  I didn't hesitate to buy it in three sizes:  6/7, 7/8, and 8/9.  I could have been a little braver in my color choices: the 6/7 and the 8/9 are both Sweet Brown.  I got the 7/8 in two colors: Natural Black for JID Boris, and Cherry Wine for MiniFee Siean.  Yes, Siean is going to be a girl (I toyed briefly with the idea of buying a boy body for her) but I thought the short wig would look gamin with her elf ears.

Andrew, seen with Jillian (nYID Audrey).  Boy, will Shane be mad!
Judging by that little smirk, Andrew doesn't care.
First up, Iplehouse Andrew nYID wearing the 8/9 in Sweet Brown.  Previously I had him in a blond wig and thought he looked washed out.  The Andrew I fell in love with on Iple's website had a dark wig on, so I knew he had to have dark brown.  (I happen to have the same wig shown on Iple's site.  Unfortunately, you can't find Andrew's face underneath all the hair, which is how he came to wear a blond wig in the first place.)

Boris's bangs are uneven.  I may have to trim this one.
Next up, Iplehouse Boris JID wearing the 7/8 in Natural Black.  I'm not in love with the fit of this wig on him.  I think the color is the problem.  Black wigs always seem to be made from a different kind of fiber. It's coarser and stiffer, much like real black hair.  When you push it aside to show a bit of forehead or to uncover the ears, it falls back into place.  Of the four wigs I bought, this is the only one that looks like someone put a bowl on the doll's head and cut around it.  Sorry, Boris, I'll get you another color sometime.  Maybe Sweet Brown.  (I'm so unimaginative.)

It's a real catalog!  You need a magnifying glass to read the
text, not that it matters unless you are fluent in Korean.
Last but not least, Bimong's Narin shows off the 6/7 in Sweet Brown.  Narin also has a revised faceup (new eyebrows and some brown shadow around the eyes, not that you can see either in this photo) for a look that differs from what he had before.  My older Narae likes it.  She was happy to spend time with him--and a miniature catalog from Nine9Style--this afternoon.  It's the first chance I've had to show off her two piece dress made from the Fun & Flouncy pattern in Haute Doll's August 2010 issue.  It fits much better when she is standing.  When she sits, the top rides up so that the shoulders sit above her shoulders.

A better view of Narae's outfit.  The skirt has two tiers, one in
green floral and the other in a brown polka dot.  Narin's outfit
is by Tonner for Matt O'Neill dolls.
I will save the Cherry Wine wig until Siean's body arrives.  At the rate Fairyland is filling orders, I figure that will be sometime in September.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

JID Boris Is Here

I found Boris on the Den of Angels Marketplace. I wasn't looking to buy another doll, honest. I was in there to bump up my listing for MiniSupia Yan. Once a day, sellers can reply to their own listings, thereby bumping them to the head of the line. Of course, with everyone doing it, your listing quickly moves back down, but it does get you onto page one for a while. That's how I found Boris. His listing appeared above Yan's so I stopped to have a look. One photo. That's all I had to go on. And that's all it took. I didn't "bite" right away. I think I may have waited a day. Then I acted. No way was this one going to get away.

Boris in real skin, with a couple of pesky wig hairs across his cheek.
The weird thing is that I didn't care for Boris when I first saw him on the Iplehouse website. His debut faceup did absolutely nothing for me. Iplehouse redid it later. Sometimes the old faceup remains as an option, but his disappeared completely. So you'll understand when I say I wasn't looking to add a Boris to my crew. The Boris on the Marketplace was dressed and wigged differently from the one on the official site. And I immediately liked the look.

Boris with JID Tania.  I like the difference in height between them.
They are wearing the same shirt in reverse prints.
I don't think I've ever been so concerned about a doll's safe arrival. Boris shipped from a part of Colorado very close to the wildfires. I worried that the seller might have to evacuate the area before making it to the Post Office. Fortunately, Boris arrived yesterday (Saturday) after a 3-day journey, safe and sound. (I hope the seller is likewise safe and sound, as I have heard nothing since Wednesday.)

I actually got them both to sit, despite very tight pants.
I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying clothes on Boris. (He'll get another name, as soon as I come up with one I like.) All of my present and past MSD-sized boys fall into the category of slim mini; Boris is taller and broader. He's beefy, even in the model-type body, which is what I have. This means that Boris tried on a lot of pants that wouldn't close in front. A couple of knit tops will work. They're snug, but not objectionably so.

Proof that neither of them is leaning on the birdcage. Tania
can't sit up as straight--her pants are tighter.
I found one pair of pants that he can wear. There is just enough give in the fabric that I can tug it closed at the waist. Granted, only one small snap stands between modesty and a wardrobe malfunction, but it will do until I can buy or make something else. I will have to figure out how to re-size my existing patterns. I'm not even sure which pattern his pants came from. Was it a pattern for a SoulKid boy or one that I downsized from an SD pattern? I'll have to re-read some of my blog posts to find out.

The Profile.
Wigs are another story. None of my size 7/8 wigs are meant for a boy. My other mini boys wear 6/7 wigs. I found one that he can wear for the time being. Trouble is, it's blonde and I don't envision him as a blonde, especially with his black eyebrows. The combination is a little too surfer-dude for me. I went online earlier today and ordered a short black wig. While I was at it, I ordered the same style in different colors for my size 6/7 and 8/9 guys. Not only is a good short wig hard to find, but I have learned that if I am going to order small items from Korea, I need to order enough to justify the shipping cost. Otherwise, the shipping is as much again as the price of the wig.

I should have taken photos yesterday, while the sun was shining.
It's raining today, so the flash went off on many of my photos.
For those of you interested in stats: Boris is 46 cm tall, with a 22.5 cm chest circumference, a 17.5 cm waist circumference, 22 cm hips (I am assuming that is what Iplehouse means by pelvis), 12.8 cm thighs, and a 6.5 cm foot length. That's the model body. The muscle body is slightly bigger.  No way would those pinstripe pants have fit a muscle-type body!

No stray hairs on this one. And no flash!

While I was shopping today, I ordered a MiniFee Active Line body for my Siean event head. I'm tired of looking at the head perched atop a bottle of Aleene's Tacky Glue. She wants a body, and I don't want to dismember either Sidonie (Celine) or Mallory (Shushu) to satisfy her whims. This time I ordered direct from FairyLand instead of through Denver Doll. Direct orders seem to go out more quickly, from what I'm seeing in the FairyLand waiting room on DoA. Now the waiting begins.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

White Elves at Home

There are three reasons for this post: 1. Pendaran (Soom Quartz) has a new wig and eyes. 2. Calandra (Fairyland Juri 2008) has a new wig and dress. 3. LittleFee Ante Elf (Fairyland) is so cute she doesn't need a reason, but if you want one, she is sporting new frog shoes modeled after Crocs.

This is a Daddy-sized stool. Ante wants to get up on it, but she can't reach.
All three are elves in white resin.  (If you want to split hairs, Quartz is an Ice Dragon, but look at those ears.  Elf, I say.) It struck me that I had the makings of a little family here.

Up at last, with an assist from big sister Calandra.
Recently I ordered 3 Special Art Wigs and 2 pairs of glass eyes from LeekeWorld. Normally I buy LeekeWorld wigs from Denver Doll Emporium, but they are still waiting for their Green Fairy wigs to arrive so I went straight to the source. There I found additional styles I liked that weren't on DDE's list of coming wigs. I wish I had ordered more eyes. They had so many pretty colors!

"What are you two up to?"
I wanted Pendaran's wig in a color called Slate, which was mixed with shades of blue. LeekeWorld was out of size 8-9, so I opted for the Cream version, with its mix of cream, blue and violet, which turned out to be a very happy decision. It has taken me a while, but his look is finally coming together. I still need to hold the wedding between Pendaran and Siean (I came up with a great name for her--wish I could remember it) but I  need to make him a special outfit for it first.

"There you go, little one."
I found Calandra's new dress on the Den of Angels Marketplace. As usually happens, I wasn't looking to buy anything. I had an outfit to list for sale and needed to check out the listing format, as I hadn't sold clothing before. In doing so, I found the prettiest little blue dress, with a short, full lace skirt and a crochet top. It's the same style dress that Lyra's Bambicrony doll had on at the last meetup. I liked hers so much I was thrilled to find one in a size my MiniFees could wear. Calandra's new wig is the Green Fairy that DDE is still awaiting.

This wig's predominant color is cream. The yellow and green
appear to be painted on or dyed. LeekeWorld warns that some
of their Art Wigs contain pearl powder, which may rub off.
Pendaran also has a new long-sleeve tee shirt to go with his pinstripe vest and pants. These are the vest and pants I thought had gone missing. I found them (finally) on the top shelf in my closet, along with another outfit I had been looking for. Originally I made a white long-sleeve tee to go with the pinstripe suit, but I quickly discovered that the stark white did not suit his pale complexion. I sewed the blue one yesterday.

I love the ponytail at the back of this wig. It doesn't show
in this photo, but you can see it in the other photos above.
His new eyes are blue.
All of my small girls are wearing new Crocs. I bought them in a package of 6 pairs, all in different colors. Ante was delighted that there was a color that matched her outfit. Some of the others weren't so lucky (see Julie's yellow pair in last week's blog post). The rubber shoes are designed to fit Affordable Designs Leann, but they also fit LittleFees, Iplehouse BIDs and Kaye Wiggs's tinies. Happy feet all around.

This is the wig that came with her full set. I like it because it
shows off her elf ears.
In other news, I trimmed the brown curly wig that I bought for JaNeece (Iplehouse JID Benny). It's still big, but nowhere near as big as it was last week. She's liking it much better.

The wig is not short by any means, but it sure left a
lot of hair on the table.
Also, I sold my Elfdoll Smiling Soah, who is on her way to Canada to learn French. Instead of putting the money toward a body for my MiniFee Siean event head, as I should have done, I spent it on an Iplehouse JID Boris. He should be here in a few days, so look for him next week.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Little Julie Gets a Big Sister!

Julie, as you may remember, is my Iplehouse BID Erzulie.  Say hello, Julie:

"Hello.  I'm getting a big sister!"
(Wig from LeekeWorld, but not one of the new ones.)
Iplehouse Benny was released as a Limited Edition, an ebony doll with a colorful African outfit. It was love at first sight! But instead of buying her, I put Benny on my wish list, where time and again newer dolls jumped ahead of her. Like Erzulie, who was one of Iple's first Elemental Guardians, a forest sprite with ebony skin, a mushroom hat and a cute yellow dress. I didn't buy the fullset, just the doll in realskin resin. And continued to wait for the right time to get Benny.

Wig on top, doll box on the bottom.  I'm surprised Iple doesn't
fill up the empty space with air pillows.  Anything to keep the
contents from shifting and the box from being dented.  I was
lucky--no dents.
They were not intended to be family, but the resemblance was striking. Even though I would have liked to have Benny in a darker resin, when I finally ordered her I ordered realskin to match Julie. A few weeks later, Iplehouse introduced a new faceup. Uh-oh! Would I get the old faceup, which I loved, or the new faceup, which I didn't like as much? I couldn't tell from my online order form. If I checked the status of the order on my home computer, I saw the new faceup. If I checked at work, I saw the old faceup. Which would it be?

The mummy rises.
Iplehouse shipped Benny in late afternoon on May 29th, at roughly the same time that LeekeWorld shipped an order of wigs and eyes. How perfect if they were to arrive together! Maybe it has to do with the size of the respective boxes, but the LeekeWorld order was handed over to the air carrier on the 29th, while the Iplehouse box was handed over 24 hours later. I resigned myself to picking them up a day apart.

Beautiful even without a wig.
I wasn't home when the wig order arrived on Friday the 31st. My mail carrier left a notice in my mailbox. On Saturday morning I went to the Post Office, signed for the wigs, then mentioned to the clerk that there would be another box arriving today. I supposed it was already on the truck and out for delivery. The clerk remembered seeing another parcel for me and went in the back room, re-emerging a short time later with the larger Iplehouse box. Yes! I signed for the second box and raced home with both.

Note the artful cropping, which keeps the fullness of the wig
out of the picture.
Need I mention that I was nervous about opening the box? I wanted the old faceup. Would it be worth putting up a fuss if I received the new faceup instead? I opened the outer box. Inside, I saw a small bubble-wrapped package containing the wig I ordered from Iplehouse, and under it the large bubble-wrapped box containing the doll. Inside the blue Iplehouse box was a layer of black foam, under it more black foam with the shape of the doll cut into it. I removed the doll-shaped foam. There she was. Even through the clear plastic face mask and more bubble wrap I could see that she had the original faceup. Big sigh of relief!

Julie has new Crocs.  They come in 6 colors, none of them red.
I dressed her in the floral jumper and white blouse I had bought on sale earlier, along with red boots. The wig is the same as the curly red wig I got with Bianca, but in brown. It makes for a HUGE head of hair! I think I am going to have to trim it. I wanted her to have an Afro, but this is too much. I tried to style it into two tails on either side of her face. Unhappily, this pulled on the curls and made them seem even longer. I squeezed the hair back together, which seems to be all it needs to hold itself together. There must be a ton of hairspray in this wig.

Julie and big sis JaNeece.  Julie has experienced some fading /
greening from sun exposure.  There will be no sun for JaNeece!
We tried on other wigs while we were at it. I must have been hot and tired at that point, because they are all blurry and look like mug shots. I'll have to retake them, maybe when she is modeling other fashions.

I rather like her as a blonde!  (Wig from Blue Fairy.)
I have decided to call her JaNeece, or Neecy for short.

And what of the wigs and eyes in the LeekeWorld order? One wig and one pair of eyes were for Soom Quartz, the other pair of eyes was for Bimong's Narin. The other two wigs were for MiniFees. You'll see them all in other posts.