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Chittenden County Doll Club Meeting May 18, 2013

Now that Modern Wizard has posted our doll club meeting from yesterday ( I can finally post mine.  No kidding, I wait for her to post so that I know who's who among the dolls in attendance.  No way could I have spelled the names of Lyrajean's two Volks dolls otherwise.  In my humble opinion, we should each come to meet-ups with cards (or slips of paper) to hand out.  On each card would be our name and the names of the dolls we have brought, along with a comment or two about the doll, if desired.  It would help those of us who blog, but who have no short-term memory, when we are faced with photos of lovely dolls and not a clue who they are.

Did I say lovely dolls?  Let the parade begin:

From Lyrajean:

Little Volks YoSD Kira, in front of some very tall legs.

The beautiful Iplehouse EID Asa.  Lyrajean makes all her
dolls' outfits, as I do.

This handsome guy is Volks Hijakata Toshizo.  He is about
as tall as Asa, so I am guessing he is SD-16.

Also from Volks, this is Date Masamune.  I believe he was wearing
a kimono and a different wig the last time we saw him.  He is a
little shorter than Hijakata Toshizo, so I am guessing SD  size.

From Goldi:

Three tiny dolls:  Fairyland PukiFee Pong, who is faced-up
to resemble a red squirrel;  Bambicrony Ciao Bella Cherry
Tea; and from Luts, a CP Tiny Delf Dorothy.

Finally, to lay to rest the rumors that MiniFee Celine is merely a
Chloe with teeth, here is my Celine on the left with Goldi's Chloe
in the pink wig on the right.  Not even close!

From Modern Wizard:

A dude with attitude:  Timonium, a Soom Faery Legend Auber.
He is 1:6 scale, or close to Barbie size.

On the right, Modern Wizard's Sardonix, a CP Juri 2006 head on a
Shinydoll Thaasa body.  On the left is my Fairyland MiniFee Juri elf,
named Calandra, who has a faceup by Jay Searle.  She is nowhere near
Sardonix in size.  Sardonix is seated and Calandra is kneeling beside her.

From Megan:

This talented young woman sculpts her own dolls from Sculpey.
On the left is an elf girl in 1:6 scale (same scale as Timonium,
above).  On the right is a 1:12 scale dude.  Wish I had brought
a RealPuki to the meeting for comparison.  The head-to-body
proportions may be different, but the size is pretty close.

And finally, my crowd:

A sofa full of MiniFees:  my Celine (Sidonie); Goldi's Chloe; my
Shushu (Mallory); and behind the sofa, my Juri elf (Calandra).  I
didn't take close-ups, as I have been featuring these girls for several
posts now.  Sidonie's outfit dates back to my black-and-white project.

My LittleFee Shiwoo on the left, with Lyrajean's Volks Kiri and
Goldi's Bambicrony Cherry Tea.

Wig switch:  Sidonie, Chloe, and Mallory.  (Actually, I
think they look better in their original wigs.)
Our next meeting is in July.  I should have my Iplehouse JID Benny by then.  I'll also bring some small elves to play in the forest setting that Modern Wizard is bringing.  LittleFee Ante is all agog at the thought of attending a meetup!  She'll need a new outfit.  Better get sewing.

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  1. Oh yes, do bring the Iplehouse Benny, as well as the RealPukis! I bet they will have fun in the forest. :D