Sunday, May 12, 2013

All Minifees Present and Accounted For

Minifee Celine arrived yesterday.  She shipped on Thursday, exactly three calendar months from the date I placed the order.  If you've been following my blog, you already know that in the interim I acquired two additional Minifees, bringing the total to three.  I don't know what it is about the number 3:  I have 3 LittleFees and 3 RealPukis, 3 Iple BIDs and 3 Iple JIDs, as well as 3 Iple SID men.  I didn't set out to collect in threes; it just happened that way.

Bald and naked, still in the box.  Celine arrived with bright
blue 16 mm eyes.  They are so big they make her look
cross-eyed, so I changed them to a pair of 14 mm.

I ordered Celine with her fullset.  The costume did not particularly thrill me; all I really wanted from it were the wig and the shoes.  Plus, by spending a certain amount of money, I qualified for an event head.  One of the choices was a Minifee version of Siean.  The thought of having a Mini-me version of Feeple65 Siean sealed the deal.  The downside is that I now have a head without a body.  Siean can borrow one of the other girls' bodies, but I can never display all of them together.  I guess that means I am on the hunt for a Minifee body.  Alas, no money.  I have to sell a doll first.

Minifee Siean head.  I'm debating whether to paint it myself
or send it out to another artist.

Although I took the time to dress her in it for photographs, I expect I will be selling the rest of the costume.  It's very fussy, compared to the way my dolls usually dress.  I am also leery of the black fabric used for parts of it.  The black panties left marks on her resin within five minutes of putting them on.  This made me doubly nervous about the blouse, which is made of the same black fabric from the bust down.  (The rest is netting.)  After taking photos I put her in an outfit I already had.  The black marks came off with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, but I'm not taking any chances.

Stuff!  Top left: wig.  Bottom left: costume.  Top right:
purse and heel feet.  Bottom right: shoes.

While I waited for Celine I worried about her feet.  Fairyland's site shows her wearing high heel shoes, but I had heard that Minifees come with flat feet.  Some flat-footed dolls can wear high heels.  Usually the shoes are built up under the ball of the foot as well as the heel.  Celine's shoes are true high heels.  Big sigh of relief, then, when I saw among the pieces of her costume a separate small bag containing a pair of heel feet.  Of course, that meant I would have to change her from flat feet to heel feet.  This is never a prospect I enjoy, because I always end up dropping one end of the elastic and having to fish it out of the upper leg or torso, depending on how far it has retracted.  And yes, the same thing happened this time.  I'm afraid she is going to wear these shoes for a very long time, because I am not changing back.  Unfortunately, I have yet to see other high heel shoes for Minifees on any of the sites I have searched.

I'm still trying to figure out that bow in her hair.  At first I thought it
was hair, but now it seems to be hair between two layers of a net
fabric something like her skirt.  It's very stiff.  Hairspray?  Starch?

Of my three Minifees, Celine is the most loosely strung.  Because of this, it is difficult to get her to stand unaided in her high heel feet.  On the plus side, it makes her easier to pose when she is seated.  I had fun getting her to curl up on the sofa for photos.  There is not another doll in my collection that does it so well.

Her over-the-knee stockings are held up by garters.  The shoes
are deep purple with a black heel, sole and strap, a black rosette
with rhinestone, and a gray-and-white bow in back.

One of the things that appealed to me about Celine is her two front teeth.  I don't always like seeing teeth on dolls.  A full row of clearly delineated teeth is enough to send me screaming into the next room, because they remind me of poorly executed portraits done from snapshots.  A couple of teeth, or just a hint of teeth (such as the mouthpieces in U-noas and Naraes) can be completely charming.  If I am not mistaken, Celine is the first Minifee to show teeth.  The other sculpts all have closed mouths.

The teeth are not overly visible.  In fact, most of the time
they are hard to see.  These 14 mm eyes allow white to show
on both sides of the irises, unlike the 16 mm eyes, which
show white on one side only.  (See first photo.)

So, we come to the issue of a name.  I've had three months to think about this one. During that time I have come up with and rejected any number of names, but one that always comes back is Sidonie.  I'm thinking of the French pronunciation, with the Hebrew meaning:  captivates.  Yes, she certainly does.

On the same note, Juri Elf has finally settled on Calandra, which means dove, which is appropriate given her white skin.  Oh dear!  I've just remembered some words from an old song:  "Running Bear loved Little White Dove..."  That earworm will be with me now for the rest of the evening.

Sidonie, Calandra, and Mallory.
Edited Monday, May 13th:

What a dolt I am!  I just had another look at Celine's photos on Fairyland's website.  I have her gold skirt on backwards.  Not that turning it around makes any sense, because instead of a skirt in front all you see is the bottom of her blouse and her matching panties.  It's like she forgot to put on a skirt at all!  I think I like my way better.


  1. Congratulations! She looks lovely and fits in well with the other two. I can't wait to see her in the clothes you design and pick out for her. She does look very good all snuggled up on the sofa.

  2. Celine has always been one of my favourites and I love her slightly open mouth, to me it looks very natural. Congratulations on your new girl and thanks for the time line, now I know when to expect my own.

  3. She's really pretty. I think the high heels for American Model? dolls fit. There's a "what fits minifee" shoes thread on DOA and I think they're mentioned there. Facets by Marcia sells them from memory.

  4. She is very pretty. I can see why you like her. And you are right, those front teeth are just so cute. I love the way you have her posed for the pictures. I think Sidonie is my favorite of these 3.

  5. I love Morning Glory Celine. I've had her pictures for years.

    1. Actually, I didn't keep her very long. I decided I didn't like looking at her two front teeth after all.

    2. That would explain the lack of photos after this page! Did she perhaps leave without her wig and shoes? I noticed your comment about them being your favorite part of her outfit. :)

    3. As I recall, I sold everything. The wig went with her, I think. Maybe also the shoes. I sold the outfit separately.