Sunday, April 28, 2013

RealPukis Look Really Cute in Dresses

My poor RealPukis have been wearing the same outfits ever since they arrived.  It was time to make them something new.  I find I have been thinking of them as two boys and one girl, just because of the way they were dressed.  What would happen, I wondered, if I dressed all three as girls?  None of them have wigs, so they would still look the same.  Or would they?

The RealPukis have magnets in their feet.  I find I can't get them to
stand up unless they perch on something metallic.  Here they are
posing atop the lid (i.e., roof) of a tin shaped like a house.

I used the bodice pattern piece from the Anchors Away pattern by My Own Little World, to which I added a simple skirt, i.e., a rectangle gathered at the waist.  Then I decorated each with teeny tiny buttons.

When you haven't got a tin roof to stand on, you can always
ask a LittleFee to hold you.

At first I tried to make the romper shown on the pattern envelope.  I don't know what I did wrong, but the outfit came out way too big.  I probably should have made just one before cutting out all three.  Thank goodness the pieces are all extremely tiny, so there isn't much wasted fabric.

...Or a helpful MiniFee.

I was afraid the hat would be too big without a wig underneath.  Instead of adjusting the pattern, I decided to forgo the hats and make a sort of headband instead. 

The headband is a narrow strip of fabric that widens at either end into a sort of oar shape.  I left an opening in the middle of the strip for turning the fabric and for inserting a piece of wire shaped like the oar.  After sewing the wire-stuffed form closed, I had a headband that could be twisted in any way I liked.  The end product is a sort of  cross between bunny ears and a do rag.

All together now:  Ante holding Kaka, Juri holding Pupu,
and Lishe holding Soso.


  1. Very cute dresses! They look great as girls! :)

  2. They are adorable! I love how you created the little headbands too!!

  3. Gorgeous! Love the idea of the wired headband, it looks cute.