Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Fashions for My JIDs

In honor of the opening of their new website, Iplehouse held a sale on clothing.  It was an odd sale, in that it covered only a few sizes of dolls that Iplehouse makes.  Luckily for my three JID girls, I found several things for them that I have been wanting for ages, at prices I didn't mind paying.

First up, the red one-piece.  Funny, I had always assumed that this was a dress.  Seeing it on my white skin Asa, I prefer to call it a tunic or just a long sweater.  Thank goodness I also bought leggings, so she has something below the one-piece for modesty's sake.  I knew the color would suit her, because white skin Asa is the model for the piece on the website.  I love how she looks in it, especially wearing her Monique Gold Pretty Girl wig in black-brown blonde.

Next up, the little black dress.  I bought this thinking Tania would wear it.  It looks horrible on her.  I don't remember her bust size--I believe it is large--but the straps of this dress puckered from her bustline all the way up to her shoulder.  Plan B:  Try it on a small bust girl.  That meant white skin Asa.  Not a fit here either.  That left real skin Asa, whose bust size I also don't remember.  I am assuming she is medium, because the dress fits her like a glove.  Both straps lie perfectly flat.  As luck would have it, I recently bought this Asa heel feet and a pair of black patent high heel shoes.  With her dark Siena wig from Iplehouse, the look is killer.

I had such high hopes for the sleeveless flowered dress over a white blouse.  JID Benny looks adorable in it on the website.  First I tried it on real skin Asa, thinking the colors would go well with her skin tone.  The colors indeed suited her, but the dress fit her like a tent.  A very large tent.  No sense trying it on the other Asa, who with her small bust would look even more lost in the fabric.  That left Tania.  She has a rounder face, so I figured she would at least give the illusion of being a bigger girl.  I gave her a poufy wig from Blue Fairy to balance out the dress.  I'm still not in love with it.  I suspect the problem is Tania's more adult faceup.  I guess I'll have to buy a JID Benny next.  Just kidding...I think.


After taking photos, I removed the dress and put Tania in the fourth outfit I bought:  white jeans and a blue-and-white sweater.  I love this look.  It suits her faceup and, better yet, the blue in the sweater matches the blue of her eyes.  The only problem is that the jeans are so snug, she can't sit in them, which means that none of the poses I wanted to try with her were possible.  To think that I finally removed the heavy wire her previous owner had placed inside her--it's supposed to stiffen a floppy doll--and I still can't get her to sit because now her pants are too tight.

If you remember previous photos of Tania, you will probably notice something different about her.  The artist who did her faceup painted her nostrils black.  It has been driving me crazy for a long time, so I finally decided to do something about it.  I didn't want to risk applying a liquid like acetone in case it ran and ruined the rest of her faceup.  So I carefully scraped the black paint out using the tip of my seam ripper.  Nostrils should never be black.  I don't know what she was thinking.

I have one more outfit to show today:  a dress that I bought for EID Lahela in a previous sale.  You never know, when Iplehouse has a sale, if the items being sold are being phased out or if they are merely offered at a lower price for a limited time.  I think this dress has disappeared, so I am glad I bought it.  It's the same cut as the green dress that my SID girls wear, except this one is longer.  Lahela loves it!

I can't stop thinking about Benny.  I've got her dress, I really should buy her.  She has actually been on my want list for a long time, but she always gets bumped by newer dolls.  Maybe now is the time...


  1. You always find the cutest shoes to go with these outfits. I was going to pick a favorite but I can't. On another note, maybe you SHOULD buy Benny...

  2. Sounds like Benny needs to come home sooner rather than later. Love all the outfits you bought. Each girl seems to have her own style, which is fun.