Sunday, April 28, 2013

RealPukis Look Really Cute in Dresses

My poor RealPukis have been wearing the same outfits ever since they arrived.  It was time to make them something new.  I find I have been thinking of them as two boys and one girl, just because of the way they were dressed.  What would happen, I wondered, if I dressed all three as girls?  None of them have wigs, so they would still look the same.  Or would they?

The RealPukis have magnets in their feet.  I find I can't get them to
stand up unless they perch on something metallic.  Here they are
posing atop the lid (i.e., roof) of a tin shaped like a house.

I used the bodice pattern piece from the Anchors Away pattern by My Own Little World, to which I added a simple skirt, i.e., a rectangle gathered at the waist.  Then I decorated each with teeny tiny buttons.

When you haven't got a tin roof to stand on, you can always
ask a LittleFee to hold you.

At first I tried to make the romper shown on the pattern envelope.  I don't know what I did wrong, but the outfit came out way too big.  I probably should have made just one before cutting out all three.  Thank goodness the pieces are all extremely tiny, so there isn't much wasted fabric.

...Or a helpful MiniFee.

I was afraid the hat would be too big without a wig underneath.  Instead of adjusting the pattern, I decided to forgo the hats and make a sort of headband instead. 

The headband is a narrow strip of fabric that widens at either end into a sort of oar shape.  I left an opening in the middle of the strip for turning the fabric and for inserting a piece of wire shaped like the oar.  After sewing the wire-stuffed form closed, I had a headband that could be twisted in any way I liked.  The end product is a sort of  cross between bunny ears and a do rag.

All together now:  Ante holding Kaka, Juri holding Pupu,
and Lishe holding Soso.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Introducing nYID Andrew

Yes, another Iplehouse doll.  It's not as bad as it sounds:  I sold both Bianca and Mari and am replacing them with nYID Andrew (ordered in early March) and JID Benny (ordered two weeks ago).  Andrew arrived almost exactly 30 business days after I ordered, much faster than I expected, given that he is a new sculpt.  I didn't order clothes with him, which may have speeded things up.  I actually ordered his outfit some time ago, knowing I would eventually buy an nYID boy.  At the time, I thought I'd be waiting for the release of basic Justin, Patrick and Eddie, the three boys who debuted as Limiteds at Christmas time.  Turns out I didn't have to wait that long.  Of course, as soon as I ran out of funds, the former Limiteds were released as Basics.  That's okay.  Basic means they'll be around for a long time.  I can add another boy later.

Left to right:  Andrew, Jamie (Claude), Shane, Yevgeny (Barahan).
Clothing by Iplehouse, except for the stripe and white tees, which are
by me from patterns by Adams-Harris.  Wigs, left to right:  LeekeWorld,
Iplehouse, and two Jpopdolls.
The nYID boys are 63 cm tall, the same height as the original YID boys.  That makes them 1 cm taller than the SID women and 2 cm shorter than the SID men and EID women.  The nYID girls are a tiny bit shorter than the original YID girls, 58.7 cm compared to 59 cm.

I'm having trouble wigging him.  His facial features are smaller than the SID guys' features, despite having the same size head.  That means most wigs overwhelm him with too much hair.  Of the three wigs that work best for him, two blond and a brown, I like the blond wigs better, even though both fall into his eyes.  I wonder what my hairdresser would say if I brought a wig to my next appointment and asked her to trim it?  More to the point, I wonder how much she would charge?

Iplehouse held a Valentine's Day event, in which the first 42 customers who bought a doll and paid in full up front (as opposed to putting it on layaway) would get a free item of clothing.  I ordered Andrew about 2 weeks later, not even thinking about the Valentine's event beyond assuming it was over, and ended up being number 41 of the eventual 43 prizewinners.  (I presume the last two ordered at the same time, so Iplehouse gave them both gifts.)  My gift was a pair of cargo pants for Andrew.  Like the black jeans he is wearing in the photos, they are exceedingly tight.  If you ask me how well the new body poses, I can't tell you, because the tight pants keep him from bending his legs.

Andrew has a nicely sloping nose that avoids being a ski-jump.
Iplehouse seems to be sending dolls out with lovely blue eyes
lately.  Audrey's are the same color.
I chose Andrew with faceup B.  Faceup A puts more emphasis on a slight upturn of one side of his mouth.  You can barely detect the smirk on my guy, maybe also because the eye treatment on B is a little softer.  He looks more earnest, less a wiseacre than A.

I'm calling him Andrew for now, unless I think of something better.  The problem with other names is that I tend not to remember them, whereas the sculpt name comes readily to mind.

Slight smirk visible on left side of his mouth in the photo.  It
lends a bit of interest to an otherwise "pretty" face.

I don't know when Benny will arrive.  Sometimes existing sculpts with no extras (all I added was an in-stock wig) come very quickly.  She'll get here when she gets here, I guess.  Makes no difference that I want her now.  Isn't that always the way?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hello, Minifee Juri Elf

I wasn't really in the market for a doll.  I had just collected payment on the sale of my Elfdoll Sooah, so there was money in my pocket.  Okay, it was actually in PayPal's pocket, but mine to spend.  I was browsing BJDCollectasy, as I do every day, and there she was:  a Fairyland Minifee Juri elf with faceup by Jay Searle, available from Denver Doll Emporium.  There were actually two of them, each one-of-a-kind, one with white skin and one with natural skin, but the natural skin Juri was marked Sold.  I couldn't let the other one get away.  I have admired Jay Searle's faceup work since first seeing an article about her in Haute Doll some years ago.  Her faceups have a soft, romantic look, well suited to dressing a doll in period style.  DDE's Juri elves were so cute.  I placed my order for the remaining doll.

This is the wig that was included in the sale of the doll.
The dress came with a doll I bought a few years ago.  It
fits Juri better than any other outfit we've tried on so far.

The thing about ordering an in-stock doll online from DDE is that you don't know if you have succeeded until someone at the shop gets back to you.  The first email they sent thanked me for my order but said they had already sold the doll.  Eleven minutes later they sent a second email saying the first buyer had canceled and the Juri was mine!  Luckily I didn't read my email until after they had sent both messages, so I could see at a glance that I had the doll.  No heart attack this time.

The other thing about ordering an in-stock doll from DDE is the lack of wait time.  An order from Fairyland generally takes two to three months, unless they are in the midst of an anniversary, Christmas, or other event that slows down production even more.  Fairyland ships in batches from South Korea to Denver, then DDE re-ships to those who have bought the dolls.  An in-stock doll, on the other hand, can be in your hands in two to three days.  All of my Fairyland dolls have come through Denver Doll, but the Juri is the first to ship immediately.  I could get used to this.

I have wanted a Minifee for a long time, but hesitated because without a wig the heads look very large.  I like my dolls to have more proportionate heads and small eyes.  On the other hand, this is Fairyland we're talking about.  Most of their dolls are elf-eared.  Why should I let a little thing like a big head (and big eyes) stand in my way?  I actually ordered my first Minifee in February.  She has been on a three-month layaway at DDE and has not arrived yet.  So Juri, while not the first Minifee purchased, is the first to arrive.

I am still discovering things about her.  I had always assumed that Minifees were the same size as U-noas and Naraes.  It turns out that at 41 cm, Minifees are a tiny bit shorter than U-noas and shorter than Naraes.  They are also considerably more slender.  I thought Juri (and the incoming Celine) would be able to share in the pile of clothing I have made over the years for the other girls; it turns out that everything is too loose on her.  Things may fit Celine a bit differently.  I'm trying to recall what bust size I ordered for her:  I think it's large.  Juri is a small.  I can use my existing patterns, but all of them will need adjustment.

This outfit is huge on her.  I made it for a flat-chested U-noa Sist.

Shoe size is different, too.  I have shoes made specially for U-noa, shoes made specially for Narae, and shoes made for Minifee.  The U-noa and Narae shoes fall off her.  So do the Minifee shoes, unless she wears them with socks.  The best fit I have found is in the shoes designed and made for the Goodreau MSDs.  As Goodreau no longer makes that size doll, the shoes are no longer being produced.  I have read elsewhere that shoes made for 14-inch Kish dolls fit Minifee.  As soon as I buy a pair, I will weigh in with my verdict.

When it comes to wigs the general thought is size 7-8, but some owners swear by size 6-7.  I have tried both and find that 7-8 is fine with a wig cap underneath to hold it in place.  Some 6-7s are too tight to go on, while others fit just fine.  The two-tone wig in these photos is a 6-7 from LeekeWorld.  I have the same wig in a 7-8.  When I put the 7-8 on her head, it fell right off.  I'm hoping she doesn't stretch the 6-7 to the point where my U-noas can't wear it, but I really do like it on her.  For now at least, it's hers.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bride's Lingerie for Iplehouse nYID

Tonight's extra post is in response to a picture request from a fellow member of Den of Angels

Photobucket hasn't let me upload any photos since yesterday.  I even signed up to join Flickr, thinking I would post them there instead, only to have the same thing happen.  Flickr at least tells me that there is a known issue with AVG anti-virus software, which is the software I use.  Why it hasn't been a problem before now I don't know, except that there was a Windows upgrade a couple of nights ago.  When in doubt, blame Windows.

Anyway, Christina in FL wanted to see Iple's Bride's Lingerie on both an Iplehouse nYID girl and a Fairyland Feeple65.  I happen to have dolls in both sizes, as well as the lingerie set, and was curious to see the difference in fit myself.

First, the set on nYID Audrey.  Christina was especially interested in the back, which, as you can see, closes with a zipper (and a big clunky metal zipper pull).  As with much of the clothing Iplehouse sells, the fabric is super stretchy.  No doubt this is to accommodate the various bust sizes Iplehouse makes available in each doll.  As I recall, I ordered Audrey with the medium bust.

Next, the set on Feeple65 Siean.  Siean is a larger girl, but not much.  She is closer in size to Iple's SID.  Because of the stretch in the fabric, the back is a very nice fit.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the front.

Siean is a large-busted girl.  Though she appears to be falling out of the corset in front, bear in mind that I made no effort to see how much more I could tighten the ribbon.  I didn't photograph Audrey from the front; however, she looked positively demure by comparison.

Interestingly, the bikini panty was harder to get over Audrey's hips than Siean's.  I didn't try the stockings on Siean, but there is no reason to suppose they won't fit.

So, Christina, I hope this helps.

New Fashions for My JIDs

In honor of the opening of their new website, Iplehouse held a sale on clothing.  It was an odd sale, in that it covered only a few sizes of dolls that Iplehouse makes.  Luckily for my three JID girls, I found several things for them that I have been wanting for ages, at prices I didn't mind paying.

First up, the red one-piece.  Funny, I had always assumed that this was a dress.  Seeing it on my white skin Asa, I prefer to call it a tunic or just a long sweater.  Thank goodness I also bought leggings, so she has something below the one-piece for modesty's sake.  I knew the color would suit her, because white skin Asa is the model for the piece on the website.  I love how she looks in it, especially wearing her Monique Gold Pretty Girl wig in black-brown blonde.

Next up, the little black dress.  I bought this thinking Tania would wear it.  It looks horrible on her.  I don't remember her bust size--I believe it is large--but the straps of this dress puckered from her bustline all the way up to her shoulder.  Plan B:  Try it on a small bust girl.  That meant white skin Asa.  Not a fit here either.  That left real skin Asa, whose bust size I also don't remember.  I am assuming she is medium, because the dress fits her like a glove.  Both straps lie perfectly flat.  As luck would have it, I recently bought this Asa heel feet and a pair of black patent high heel shoes.  With her dark Siena wig from Iplehouse, the look is killer.

I had such high hopes for the sleeveless flowered dress over a white blouse.  JID Benny looks adorable in it on the website.  First I tried it on real skin Asa, thinking the colors would go well with her skin tone.  The colors indeed suited her, but the dress fit her like a tent.  A very large tent.  No sense trying it on the other Asa, who with her small bust would look even more lost in the fabric.  That left Tania.  She has a rounder face, so I figured she would at least give the illusion of being a bigger girl.  I gave her a poufy wig from Blue Fairy to balance out the dress.  I'm still not in love with it.  I suspect the problem is Tania's more adult faceup.  I guess I'll have to buy a JID Benny next.  Just kidding...I think.


After taking photos, I removed the dress and put Tania in the fourth outfit I bought:  white jeans and a blue-and-white sweater.  I love this look.  It suits her faceup and, better yet, the blue in the sweater matches the blue of her eyes.  The only problem is that the jeans are so snug, she can't sit in them, which means that none of the poses I wanted to try with her were possible.  To think that I finally removed the heavy wire her previous owner had placed inside her--it's supposed to stiffen a floppy doll--and I still can't get her to sit because now her pants are too tight.

If you remember previous photos of Tania, you will probably notice something different about her.  The artist who did her faceup painted her nostrils black.  It has been driving me crazy for a long time, so I finally decided to do something about it.  I didn't want to risk applying a liquid like acetone in case it ran and ruined the rest of her faceup.  So I carefully scraped the black paint out using the tip of my seam ripper.  Nostrils should never be black.  I don't know what she was thinking.

I have one more outfit to show today:  a dress that I bought for EID Lahela in a previous sale.  You never know, when Iplehouse has a sale, if the items being sold are being phased out or if they are merely offered at a lower price for a limited time.  I think this dress has disappeared, so I am glad I bought it.  It's the same cut as the green dress that my SID girls wear, except this one is longer.  Lahela loves it!

I can't stop thinking about Benny.  I've got her dress, I really should buy her.  She has actually been on my want list for a long time, but she always gets bumped by newer dolls.  Maybe now is the time...