Sunday, March 17, 2013

MSDs and Rebecca's Settee

Last week I introduced a new member of my constantly changing cast of characters:  a burgundy-colored sofa from American Girl known as Rebecca's Settee.  I like props that I can use with multiple dolls, like AG's Caroline's Parlor, which works with both MSD size and tinies.  The settee showed itself to be the perfect size for Kaye Wiggs' MSD girls.  Who else, I wondered, could make use of it?

My three Bimong dolls (two Narae girls and one Narin boy) couldn't wait to sprawl all over it.  There's plenty of room for three when you're as slim as the mini-mature Narae.  They even had room to spare.

Next up was my U-noa crew.  There are simply too many of them to occupy the settee at the same time.  Still, they arranged themselves on and around it and happily posed for a family portrait.  The U-noas are slightly smaller than the Naraes.  While they can sit, their feet don't touch the ground.  I wouldn't be surprised if, in less voluminous dresses, four U-noa girls could sit side-by-side at once.  Chibi Lilin (below) doesn't count--she's sitting on another girl's lap.

My Iplehouse JIDs were less successful.  Even though they are slightly bigger than the Naraes, they are less flexible.  The settee is quite deep, which makes it hard for dolls with a shorter upper leg length to sit comfortably.  The girls kept sliding forward, making me wish for mini throw pillows to prop up their backs.  (I'll have to make some.)  The U-noas also have a short upper leg compared to the settee.  They, however, managed to look as if they were lounging rather than holding on for dear life.

The last doll I tried was Nelly, a larger Kaye Wiggs doll (about 55 cm).  Her upper leg length was a good fit for the seat; however, her lower legs were a bit long, especially in heels.  Without high heels, she might have been able to sit with her feet flat on the floor.  Not wanting to tackle the tiny buckles and straps, I didn't take off her shoes to try.  With Nelly on it, it looks less like a settee and more like a wide chair.

The last group I want to try posing on the settee is my Fairyland group.  For that I will have to wait at least another month until I finish paying layaway on a Minifee Celine.  I know the settee is way too big for the Littlefees and Realpukis, but I want to try with everybody on it, just for fun.  The only Fairyland doll who will have to sit out this experiment is Feeple Siean, who is just too big for the settee--or any other piece of doll furniture I own.


  1. If you put the RealPukis on it, they will look like furniture gremlins!

  2. Too funny. I love that you thought of doing portraits with the couch!