Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's the Easter Bunny, Little Shiwoo!

Fair's fair:  The Iplehouse kids had Christmas, so the Fairyland kids get Easter.  Last weekend I featured Little Ante's new dress and pinafore, and the top half of Little Lishe's new dress.  This weekend Lishe's dress is finished and Little Shiwoo has a whole new outfit consisting of socks, shorts and shirt.  (See last week's post for pattern information.)

I admit I had some misgivings about my fabric choice for Shiwoo.  After all, what boy wants to wear pink?  We got around that, however, when I assured him that it wasn't pink at all, but light red.  Light red is okay in his book.  And don't you dare tell him otherwise!  I'm really pleased with the combination of the light red stripe and the light brown herringbone.  And get a load of my stripes!  I remember the first striped top I made.  The side seam told the whole unsavory story.  My stripes simply didn't match from front to back.  Now look at these stripes.  Not only a front-to-back match, but sleeves, too!  Does Shiwoo care?  Not a whit.  Just don't say the word pink in his hearing.

In honor of the holiday, the Easter Bunny has paid Fairyland a visit, bringing candy-covered chocolate eggs.  He has carefully hidden these around the parlor.  Well, maybe not so carefully, as some of them are tucked away in plain sight.  The little ones collect their baskets and commence to hunt.

It would have been fun to stage the hunt outside if the weather had been a little warmer and the grass a little greener.  As it is, everything is still a dull brown, with the snow so recently gone that the ground is sure to be a bit juicy.  March in this part of the Northeast is officially known as Mud Season, for good reason.  I sure wouldn't want to eat chocolate eggs that had been hidden outside this time of year.  Is that dirt or chocolate?  Um, no.

Let's see how the kids are doing with their hunt.  The Easter Bunny is a lot taller than they are, and may have hidden some eggs completely out of their reach.  Let's hope they don't endanger themselves by climbing on the furniture.

Shiwoo will probably find the lion's share of eggs.  He's quick, he's pushy, and he's completely unhampered by skirts, although Lishe is no slouch when it comes to climbing, regardless of what she's wearing.  Ante's costume is just too voluminous to let her compete.  Maybe one of the others will share his or her bounty.

It looks like they have found all the eggs.  The Easter Bunny had some pretty good hiding places, like the inside of teapots and the bottom of deep drawers, but in the end he was no match for three determined LittleFees.  There remains but one question to ask:

Are you guys going to eat all that by yourselves?


  1. Answer to last question: "Yes, yes, we are." ^_^

  2. Caroline's parlor is the perfect place to stage an easter egg hunt! Their little outfits are adorable. They look so bright and sunny, excellent for ushering spring in.

  3. I love love LOVE this post. The kids look adorable. I love Shiwoo's outfit. I can't get over the accessories. The furniture is really cool but those eggs....where on earth did you find those eggs?

    I have never thought about you not being able to hunt eggs outside in the Winter sometimes. Hmmm...things we in the South take for granted I guess. It is usually pretty warm on Easter Egg Hunts here. Not always.

    1. The eggs are Hershey's candies. I would look at the bag and tell you exactly what they're called, but I finished them last night and the garbage was picked up today. The LittleFees didn't stand a chance once I got started!