Sunday, March 24, 2013

Getting Ready for Easter

In a perfect confluence of events, Easter is just around the corner and my LittleFees need new clothes.  Luckily there are only three of them, so it's do-able.

I pulled out a couple of patterns:  Ridinghood LittleFee by Adams-Harris (some day I'll get around to making the hooded cape--it's really cute) and #53 Perfect 10 by Gracefaerie Designs.  Oddly enough, Perfect 10's Tiny Maid appears to be the same dress as Ridinghood.  All the more reason to make one of each to see how alike/different they really are.  Perfect 10 also has shorts and a variety of shirts so there is something for Little Shiwoo, as well as for the girls.

Ante's finished dress.
I selected my fabrics:  a multi-color dot on yellow for LittleFee Ante's dress, with a violet gingham check for sleeve and hem bands; a green with violet flowers for LittleFee Lishe; and a brown herringbone for Shiwoo's shorts, to be paired with a pink-brown-cream stripe turtleneck and socks.  Ante also gets a white pinafore.  I may omit the pinafore from Lishe's dress, or if I do make it, it will be in a contrasting color.  I can't make hers white, because I opted to make the long sleeves and collar that go with the blouse pattern instead of the short sleeves that go with the dress.  They will be off-white, as if she were wearing a blouse under a jumper.  A white pinny over it wouldn't work.

Finished dress with pinafore.
One thing that surprised me, given the picture on the pattern envelope, is how long the Ridinghood dress is.  If I make this pattern again, I'll cut both the skirt and the pinafore shorter.  Otherwise, the fit is perfect.  I'm glad I made the pinafore--it really finishes the outfit.  And using eyelet cotton made it fancy enough that I didn't need to decorate with additional trim.  Ante's wig is from Soom.  I wish the hair were softer so it would lie better on her forehead.  It's so stiff it sticks out like the bristles on a brush.

Lishe's wig is Roxy, by Monique Gold.
I got halfway through Lishe's Tiny Maid dress.  I've added the ruffle to the skirt, but I still have to finish the back edges, then gather the waistline to fit the bodice and sew them together before I add snaps.  One thing is certain:  this dress is much shorter than Ridinghood.  As for the pinafore, the more I think about it, the more I want to make it.  I only wonder if I will have time to do that and make all the pieces of Shiwoo's outfit, too.  Decisions, decisions...

I would trim the bangs, but I'm afraid they will stick out even more.

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  1. I'm always so impressed with the little details you sew into their clothes.