Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quartz's Jeans Are Finally Done!

It took me long enough:  three weeks to turn out a single pair of jeans.  Of course, I didn't work on them every day.  More like one afternoon on the first weekend, then both afternoons of a weekend two weeks later.  It's not that I lacked motivation, only that other things got in the way.

I got them done despite my usual problems with the pattern.  This one had a single long waistband piece accompanied by instructions to sew the two short waistband sections together.  Huh?  I don't know if I sewed the fly correctly, especially as it connects to the waist.  At times when I felt lost, I went to my closet to look at a pair of my own jeans, just to see how they were put together.  That's not the first time I had to resort to that strategy.

And the fabric!  I hate using fray check because it leaves the fabric stiff.  The alternative is to serge, keeping in mind that I have no serger and must do it by hand.  Or I can use a machine zigzag stitch, which doesn't really prevent fraying because I never get the stiches close enough to the edge.  Not to mention the narrow stripes, which danced before my eyes like Op Art.  I still have quite a bit of this fabric left.  I'm tempted to throw it out.  (Only tempted.  I doubt I'll do it.)

The finished product isn't bad.  The fit is loose, which works for tucking in a tee shirt.  I will probably make him a belt to keep the jeans up.  The front belt loops are too close together.  I don't know how that will work with positioning a belt buckle.  The problem with sewing against a deadline (such as tonight's blog) is that some garments, while technically finished, are not quite polished.  Lucky for me Quartz doesn't care.  He has been wearing jeans that came as a gift from Soom.  I'm not a fan of decorative zippers, especially on dolls where the zipper is out of scale to begin with.  Umm, no.

Because of this big guy, along with the larger of my Iplehouse dolls, I have ordered a taller shoji screen.  As soon as it gets here, I will be able to photograph the big dolls without anyone standing a head taller than the screen.

Also on the subject of Quartz:  I have a buyer for his fantasy parts.  Good-bye dragon legs, talons, and horns.  The talons always reminded me of chicken feet.  Big blue chicken feet.  It's a pretty shade of blue, but... 


  1. but....who really wants chicken feet? Well, I guess someone does, but I'm glad it's not Quartz. His jeans look fantastic!! Glad you were able to carve out some time to finish them!

  2. You are going to make him a belt? This I gotta see! I'm sure it is obvious but I can't imagine how you do that.