Sunday, February 17, 2013

Narae Faceups Revisited

Yes, I know, I was supposed to finish Quartz's jeans.  What with housework and baking and getting my paperwork ready for the tax preparer next Saturday, I didn't uncover the sewing machine all weekend.  I did, however, stop at JoAnn Fabrics for snaps and pink thread, and came away with those items plus a stretch fabric with a cute animal print (maybe for Little Fees?) and a variety of trims.  What can I say, except that I had coupons.  There's no point going into a store with coupons in hand and not using them, right?

Girl talk.  Butterfly Narae on the left, old Narae on the right.
Their wigs are Jpopdolls' Kana Wavy in Winter Moon and
Monique Gold's Buttercup in Black and Dark Purple.
One thing that I accomplished in the past week was an update to Narae Butterfly's faceup.  I liked the first one I did, but the eyebrows were rather thick for a girl and didn't give her the look I was after.  This time, instead of drawing the eyebrows with the edge of a pastel stick, I drew them with a watercolor pencil.  Much better!  It's easier to correct a mis-stroke with watercolor.  A quick swab with water, wipe and done.  No shadow, no residue, just a clean field for starting over.

Wig switch.  This one is a Monique JoJo in Golden Auburn/
Golden Strawberry.
While I was at it, I tackled my original Narae as well.  She has been looking sad and faded for some time now.  I thought her faceup could use refreshing.  First, because I didn't want to spray MSC over dust particles, I gently wiped her face with a cotton ball barely moistened with water.  Afterwards I stepped outside for a quick spray of MSC.  All she needed was a touch of color on the cheeks and a bit more color on her eyebrows.  More MSC.  And then a new coat of gloss medium on her lips, because MSC takes the old gloss off.  I couldn't believe the difference.  Suddenly she looked virant and alive.

Narin's wig is a Monique Gold Frankie in Golden Auburn.
Butterfly Narae has switched to the Buttercup wig.  The
purple streaks barely show in this photo.  Everyone looks
good in the Buttercup wig -- even the boys.
I confess, I was lazy and didn't remove my old Narae's eyelashes before spraying.  I didn't notice any ill effects until later, after I had finished her touch-up, when it occurred to me that her eyelashes looked white instead of black.  Oops!  I took photos anyway, hoping it wouldn't show, but I will definitely be replacing her eyelashes.  I hate gluing such small eyelashes.  I get half the strip in position, then for some reason the rest of it won't follow suit.  It either goes on crooked, or else it goes right through the eyehole and comes out the other side.  It doesn't matter what sort of tool I use.  Doll eyelashes have a mind of their own.

All together for a family portrait.  I might redo Narin's eyebrows.
Maybe lower them and give them less arch.  I'll remember to
remove the eyelashes next time.
Narin joined the girls for photos yesterday.  I placed them in Caroline's Parlor.  That prop is so useful -- it works for the littlest BJDs up through the MSDs.  I'll have to see what other American Girl accessories might work.  I love the VW Bug, but it's pricey for a prop that's less versatile than the parlor.  Now, where did I put that catalog?

* All of the outfits on this page have appeared previously.  They are from patterns by Adams-Harris and Gracefaerie.


  1. I'm amazed at how realistic these dolls are. They look like adults going about their daily lives.

    1. Dolls like Narae/Narin are classed as "mini mature". Once my MiniFee arrives, I want to take a photo of Narae, the MiniFee, a Unoa and an Iplehouse JID for comparison. Should be interesting.

  2. Wow....that is so interesting how you do the faceups. I didn't realize you could take their makeup off. I wish someone could take a video of you doing it.