Sunday, February 3, 2013

Getting Ready for Meet-Up

Just when I thought I was free to start a new dress for Brooke (Kay Wiggs Layla), I received a notice that the next Chittenden County Doll Club meeting is Saturday.  I want to bring Soom Quartz, who hasn't had an outing yet.  How nice it would be if he were wearing something that wasn't another doll's hand-me-down...

He has been wearing pants, a vest and top that I made for my former Unidoll Anthony from an Adams-Harris pattern called Hollywood.  The fit is a little loose on Quartz, so I know I can reuse the same pattern or others designed for Unidoll boys.  This time I am making the short-sleeve tee and jeans from A-H's Risky Business! pattern.  The pattern includes a long-sleeve overshirt, but I won't have time to sew it before Saturday.  As it is, I didn't even finish the jeans today, only the tee shirt, which means I'll be burning the midnight oil every night this week trying to get them done.

The denim consists of alternating gray and white stripes; however,
the small photo above creates an optical illusion of wide stripes. 
See the waistband (the curved piece near the sleeve) for an
accurate rendition of the stripes.
It would go a little faster if pattern pieces were uniformly marked and directions clear.  The Pants Front piece was identified, but not the Pants Back.  Luckily the Back Pocket looked like a back pocket.  The Side Pocket took a little longer to figure out, because if you cut four of it you could make a pair of shorts.  Then there was a mystifying little piece that could have been a shirt collar section.  I couldn't tell because pants and shirt pieces were printed on the same page.  I finally figured out it was the Back Yoke.  Labels please!

I've said it before and I'll say it again:  Pattern Designers, please identify inseams and side seams, or back seams and front seams.  When I am looking at a deconstructed pants leg, I am totally disoriented as to which side is which.  Perhaps I am spacially challenged, but I doubt I'm the only one.  Also, please check your sewing instructions to ensure they make sense.  Don't just tell me I need a scrap of fabric for the collar.  Scraps come in all shapes and sizes.  How long a scrap?  How wide?  If I knew instinctively how to do this, I'd be drafting my own patterns instead of buying them.  Just saying.

Finished tee shirt.
Quartz will attend the meet-up with a newly enhanced faceup.  I liked the first faceup enhancement I gave him -- all except the mouth, which turned out too bright a pink.  So I removed it and tried again with flesh-toned pastel.  His resin is cream white, so the flesh is sufficient for color.  I haven't taken photos of him since then (I redid him last week when the weather warmed up briefly) so you'll have to wait for next week's meet-up photos to see him.  He really is a handsome fellow.  I'm glad I decided to keep him.


  1. Yay, you got some sewing time in! He is sure to be the best dressed one there. I'm really impressed with your tee shirt, very professional. Can't wait to see photos of him when he's all ready to go.

  2. I have no idea how you choose which dolls to take to doll club. You have so many!