Sunday, January 27, 2013

Socks, Patterns, Restringing, and an Adieu

I know.  It sounds like they have nothing at all in common.  But this week's post is a mix of elements, and each will have its moment in the sun.  They are:  a sock dress for Narae, patterns for YIDs, restringing an Iplehouse doll, and the sale of another.

I have wanted to make a sock dress for some time.  At first I didn't have a pattern, and when I finally came across one, my socks looked like they wouldn't yield enough fabric, so I ended up working without a pattern after all.  I chose Narae because she is slim enough that my small amount of material shouldn't make a difference.

Narae in the top part of one sock.  I actually had two identical pairs
of socks to work with, and used just slightly more than one pair.
The body of the dress was easy:  I simply cut the foot off one sock.  I should mention that these are old socks.  They look fine on top, but the feet were worn so thin I could see through them.  At first I was going to finish the dress by putting straps of the same fabric over her shoulders.  Then I decided that a sweater dress really needs to have long sleeves.  The sleeves led to a shawl-like collar, which had to be elasticized so that I could get it on her.  The end result is not the prettiest dress I've ever made, but it's warm, which is what counts.  (Resins do get cold, by the way.  I left a new doll in the car one winter's day after picking her up at the Post Office.  When I got home after work, it took hours for the resin to come to room temperature.  I was afraid she'd crack from the cold.)

The finished sweater dress.  I may have to take the
sleeves in, as they are too wide.
A couple of days ago, someone on Den of Angels asked if old YID boy clothes would fit nYID girls.  I had never considered the possibility, but was intrigued enough to want to see how they fit.  It turns out that Mars' cargo pants are a pretty good fit on Jillian (nYID Audrey).  I didn't try his sleeveless tee on her, because Kiri (SID Mari) is currently wearing it under a sweater.  The close-fitting SID men's tee shirt that Mars has been wearing was loose on Jillian, so I doubt she'll be borrowing clothes from the SID guys anytime soon.

Jillian (Audrey) wearing YID boy cargo pants.
The SID men's tee shirt is not such a good fit.
This led me to a hunt for YID boy patterns.  I have three, all from Adams-Harris Patterns, so I'll try making jeans and slacks for the girls with them.  One of the patterns -- for jeans, a vest and top -- revealed an unexpected treasure.  I had been looking all over for pattern pieces I remembered cutting out.  Here they were, right in the envelope with the pattern itself.  Now, after reading that denim stains resin, I wonder if I will sew them up after all.  It seems a shame to waste them.  Perhaps I'll sew them up for fit, as if they were a muslin, then remake them from a more resin-friendly fabric.

Classic Blue by Adams-Harris Patterns.
Undressing Mars was like handling a limp marionette.  He was so loose that he could no longer stand, even with a doll stand.  I've had him sitting in a chair because of it, but the chair occupies a lot of real estate on top of my bureau -- space that I need to display Narae and Narin.  Much as I've been dreading this moment, the time had come to restring him.  Iplehouse furnishes replacement elastic with its new dolls.  No matter what size doll it is, the elastic all seems to be the same size.  It's fine for the smallest dolls, but woefully inadequate for the larger ones.  I chose a heavier elastic from my stash.  I didn't have his instructions handy and didn't feel like spending time looking for them, so as I unstrung him I studied how he was put together.  The thicker elastic made stringing a bit of a challenge (at one point I had to hold him down with my foot while I pulled on the elastic with both hands) but I finally succeeded.  Mars now stands unaided, and has relinquished the chair to another doll who will soon need to be restrung.

Mars holds his original elastic on the left,
a sample of the new elastic on the right.
Finally, my readers may be surprised to read that I sold nYID Elemental Guardian Bianca this week.  I've been trying to bond with this girl ever since she arrived in August, but it just wasn't happening.  I love the nYID body and the peach gold resin is simply gorgeous, but Bianca's sculpt was just too sad-looking.  I always had the feeling that she was about to break into tears.  It makes me doubly glad that I never bought JID Kassia.  When Kassia was released, my first thought was that she would make a perfect little sister for Bianca.  I soon realized that the resemblance hinged on the same mournful expression and wisely backed away from purchasing her. 

Don't cry, Bianca.  You're going to a lovely new home.


  1. Yay Mars! I'm so glad he's able to stand again, he's got such a manly pose and looks quite happy to be able to toss his old elastic away.

  2. Goodbye Bianca! *sniff sniff*

    I thought the goodbye was for Quartz, since he's in the DOA marketplace graveyard.

  3. I'm glad Mars can stand again, too. I could barely see him sitting in his chair behind the girls!

    I think I like Quartz, so he has a reprieve -- at least for now. I need to go back to the marketplace and list his horns and dragon legs/feet, especially since Soom came through with a right talon to replace one of the two left talons.

    Bianca shipped today. Now I can order nYID Andrew. Watch out Shane, because you're going to have competition for Jillian's affections!