Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Faceups for Soo and Quartz

I finally did it.  Quartz's ghostly pallor got the better of me and I decided to inject a little life into his looks.

I started by removing the blond eyelashes.  They were so pale I could barely see them.  I removed the blue from his ear tips.  Then, I wiped the gloss from his colorless lips.  The rest required only touching up what was already there.  I made his eyebrows a little darker.  I gave him some cheek blush and blushed the tips of his ears and his chin.  Because one eye had a little more blue under the bottom lashes than the other, and because I was afraid to remove it in case I damaged the painted-on lashes, I added a bit more blue to the side that had less.

No more ice blue ears.  I also changed out the pink eyes for a light green.

The lips came out darker than I had planned, even after I applied the palest pink in my box of pastels.  I lightened the color by adding a bit of white pearl powder to the clear gloss I applied at the end.  Finally, I replaced the blond lashes with black ones.  The end result is that the Ice Dragon has at last  come in from the cold.

While I was at it, I decided to redo Iplehouse Soo.  I "fixed" her once before, but she still looked like a cold, hard hussy and I found I just couldn't warm up to her.  I knew the look I wanted: a sweet, innocent, natural beauty.  But could I achieve that look for her?

Removing her faceup was scary, because I was taking all of it off.  I don't have the tools, the talent, or the eyesight necessary to paint feathery bottom lashes.  I would do the best I could do and hope it passed muster.  That hard red mouth was difficult to remove.  I ended up scraping some of it off with a craft knife.  I left a tiny bit on the interior.  It was impossible to get at, and the mouth should appear darker towards the inside anyway.  In the end, I made it fade in the same way I took care of Quartz's mouth -- with a bit of pale color added to the gloss medium.  As a final touch, I gave her a sprinkling of freckles.  And then I gave her back her SID body.  (Lahela has reclaimed her original EID body.)

With blue eyes and freckles, Soo has become the girl next door.
I also made her some new earrings.

While I was at it, I took new photos of Kiri (Iplehouse Mari SID) in the wig that Soo had been wearing.  I think I like her as a blonde.

Carleen (Iplehouse Lahela EID) is happy to be reunited with her body.  She is enjoying the yellow gradation wig I purchased for Jillian (nYID Audrey).

Next time I will attempt faceups on my newest arrivals, who spent the weekend at New York's JFK Airport and should finish their Northern bound journey either Monday or Tuesday.  I hope the weather stays on the warm side for their faceups, or else spraying with MSC may prove problematic.


  1. I love those freckles that you gave Soo. You should have your own line of dolls. Wouldn't that be awesome?!

  2. I agree! I love the freckles too!! And of course the elf looks great, love the green eyes.