Monday, January 7, 2013

Iplehouse Elemental Guardian Mari

Mari is one of the last dolls I ordered before real life got in the way.  Thankfully she was on a 3-month layaway.  I finished paying for her just before my auto mechanic hit me with the news that I would need 4 new tires -- immediately.  So I plunked down the cost of an SID and drove away wearing (well, the car was wearing them) four new snow tires.  The bad news, as if this were not bad enough, is that come spring I will need a new set of all-weather radials to see me through the rest of the year.  No new SIDs for me for a while.

But back to Mari.  Originally I had hoped she would arrive before Christmas.  It's as well she didn't.  Smart girl, waiting until after the Christmas rush.  She left Korea January 3rd, breezed through New York on January 4th and arrived in Vermont January 5th.  To make sure I wouldn't miss the delivery, I spent time outside shoveling the hard-packed snow out of my driveway.  I was just about done when the delivery vehicle pulled in beside me.

Mari in her orange SID box.  The plastic bag on the right contains
her certificate, some postcards, and a detailed manual for assembly.
Just above it in the photo is a 2013 calendar that Iplehouse has been
sending out with Christmas orders:  Something to drool over all year long!

The driver had to have his fun.  "I have a small package back here."

"It better be a BIG one!" I went around to his side of the car.  Yes indeed!  There was the familiar Iplehouse box, but missing the familiar fragile sticker showing a broken cartoon glass with its tongue sticking out.  I signed for it, waved the driver off and returned to the house with my spoils.

Mari is an SID (a Senior Iplehouse Doll).  That makes her about 62 cm tall.  I should have measured her when she had her flat feet on, because now that she has her heel feet she stands taller.  I ordered her in the new peach gold resin, which is the same color as my nYID Bianca.  (It washed out in these photos.  In reality it is a much richer color.)  Iplehouse is sending Mari dolls out with nYID hands instead of the standard SID hands.  They're lovely, expressive, delicate looking -- and just begging for a manicure.  Bianca came with a manicure, free of charge.  Now I have to do it myself.  Oh well, how hard can it be?

Hello dark eyes!  Sticking out of the foam at bottom right are
Mari's heel feet.  She came assembled with flat feet.

She was available with a small bust, so I thought I'd try that for a change, as my other girls are all either large or medium.  I also went with the mobility thigh joint.  Of all my large dolls, only Zera had the mobility joint until now.  One of these days I'll actually put those joints through their paces to see what they can do.  Most of the time my dolls just stand around, modeling clothes and looking beautiful.  The mobility joint is supposed to aid in posing.

I didn't order a wig or clothing this time.  Not that I didn't want to, because the Hanbok set that Iplehouse offered with her was drop-dead gorgeous.  Alas, it was also drop-dead expensive.  I opted to save some money.  I'll see what fits her out of the clothes I already have, see what I can make for her, and if all else fails buy her something new later in the year.  I really do need a few more outfits.  When everyone is dressed, there is very little left over if anyone wants to change her outfit.  All of the dress shoes are in use; I have nothing left but boots.

For her first photos, I laced Mari into the red-and-black goddess gown.  She still had her flat feet on at the time, so she went barefoot.  The dress is so long it covers any shoes, anyway.  We tried on a few wigs to see how they look.  It wasn't long before my flash started going off.  Winter days are so short in northern Vermont!

I changed Mari's dark brown eyes to a pale plum from Safrin Doll.
These eyes resemble the eyes she is shown wearing on Iple's website.
I love her in black hair, but the flyaways are so much more noticeable.
Mari will be known as Kiri here at Resin Corner.  For now she is resting up after her long journey.  Time will tell if she has it in her to break any resin hearts.

Introducing Kiri.


  1. Beautiful eyes! BTW, I don't believe you when you say "no new SID's for a while". :-)

  2. She's beautiful! I"m so glad you ordered her before all the bills started piling up; she's well worth it.
    She looks stunning in both the dark and lighter wigs.