Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Don't remember what I was looking for, but recently I came upon a dress at the very bottom of one of my plastic bins.  It was a short, gold and white brocade and lace dress that I made for Limhwa Luna and which has been packed away since I sold her.  Luna was rather chesty, so the dress didn't fit any of the other girls then in my collection.  I brought it upstairs, not really expecting it to fit anyone now, either.  I tried it on Jillian (Iplehouse nYID Audrey).  She has a medium bust, so I expected it to be loose.  It was a perfect fit.

Seeing as it was the ideal dress for a fancy New Year's Eve party, I looked to see what I had for SID Shane to wear.  I remembered Le Roi Danse, which no one can wear because Iplehouse male shoes are too tight to wear with stockings.  Le Roi Danse has knee-length pants.  It has to be worn with tall stockings and shoes.  Bare legs don't cut it.  Shane was already wearing long black pants and boots.  All I had to do was add the dress shirt and red brocade vest.

Voila, Jillian and Shane are ready to party the night away.

Happy New Year 2013!


  1. I agree with ModernWizard. They look good together.

  2. Really cute couple and waow, i love the outfits!

  3. They look fantastic together! What a great thing to find at the bottom of a bin.