Sunday, January 20, 2013

D-Storic Held a Farewell Bimong Sale

And I did what I'm sure D-Storic intended me to do -- I ordered a Narin and a second Narae.  It was a no-brainer, really.  If D-Storic is no longer the official distributor of Bimong's dolls as of January 1, 2013, who will be?  Bimong himself?  He went that route once already, before turning over the distribution to D-Storic.  I figured it might be a long time before I got another chance to pick up one of his lovely dolls.  And besides, 30% off was too good a deal to pass up.  I ended up getting both dolls for less than the first Narae cost me in 2008 when Dollfair International had the distribution rights.
Narae (left) and Narin (right)
Who will they be?  Looking at the blank faceplates, it's
hard to predict what they will look like after faceup.

I extended my savings by buying both dolls without faceups.  This was a little scary, because my faceup skills are still not as good as I wish they were.  I need to buy a hands-free magnifying glass, because I think I'm doing a good job until I see the photos in my PhotoShop program.  Then I realize that I just don't see what I'm doing.  To be fair, the dolls are considerably smaller than the computer makes them look.  They look fine to the naked eye.

Faceups are done.  I used Holbein hard pastels this time, and
water-thinned acrylic paint for the eyeliner only.  Eyebrow placement
is dictated by a sculpted ridge.  It could be sanded off, but I decided
to let it be my guide.  Their eyes are 11 mm soft silicone by EyeCo.

It took me a while to decide which faceplates to order.  There were several to choose from.  Finally I selected 411 and 412, which are both closed-mouth faces with slight smiles.  I already had an open-mouth Narae and wanted something different this time.  Besides, the closed mouth means I don't have to fuss with positioning the teeth, which come as a separate piece with the open-mouth dolls.  I toyed with the idea of buying extra hands and heel feet, then decided I didn't really need them.  My original Narae wears high heels even without special feet.  I didn't see the point of adding another foot size which would require that I buy shoes to fit.  [Do we sense a theme here?  Money is tight.  I'm trying to buy new dolls without spending for extras.]

After trying on lots of wigs, Narin ended up with the
same mohair wig he started with, while Narae ditched the
red J-Rock for a blonde Pretty Girl by Monique Gold.
My first Narae was a tan urethane.  I don't buy French Resin.  When it yellows it looks horrid.  The urethane has weathered fairly well, although she looks sallow next to the new dolls, which I bought in Korean Ivory urethane.  The ivory, which sounds like it should have a yellowish cast, is actually a pinky white.  It's a bright, gorgeous color.  Unfortunately, it makes my original Narae look faded.  I think I'll have to blush her cheeks and maybe darken her eyebrows slightly.

I had thought to make her a brunette, hence the dark eyebrows.
That didn't stop her from going for the gold.  I'm still on a
freckles kick.  First Soo, now Narae.

I tried out several different names with my first Narae.  None of them ever stuck.  Now that I have a second Narae, each will need a distinctive name to differentiate one from the other.  I'm thinking of going Irish:  Maeve for Narae #1 and Niamh (pronounced Nieve) for Narae #2.  Narin might be Conal, unless I think of something else.  As soon as I find my book of Irish names I'll have a look and see what else might fit.

No freckles for this guy.  I found my dark, curly eyelashes only after
installing these long, thin spidery lashes.  I may change them later.

These should be the last two dolls for a good long time, while my finances recover from last year's house purchase.  Just my luck:  Iplehouse has unveiled two new nYID boys and one of them is a must-have.  If, or rather when, I buy him, I will have to do layaway.  It's the only way I can afford a doll that expensive without breaking the bank.  I'm going to be good, however, and wait until February to order him.  Let's see.  Today is the 20th.  Eleven days and counting...

Her outfit:  a sweet little dress that accompanied a doll I bought on
e-bay.  His outfit:  separates I made from an Adams-Harris pattern
designed to fit SoulKid boys.  The lumps under his shirt are the
waist grips on his doll stand.

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