Sunday, December 30, 2012

U-noa Chibi Lilin's New Dress

It's so hard to sew for little Lilin.  Practically nobody makes patterns just for her, so it's a choice between drafting your own (if you know how) or trying to adapt patterns designed for someone else.

It is possible to use patterns drafted for U-noa Lusis and Sist and size them down.  My first ever dress for Lilin was designed for Lusis, but I accidentally made my seams an eighth-inch wider than called for and it ended up fitting Lilin instead. 

I made it this dress in February 2010.
It was designed for Lusis.
I've also heard that it is possible to take patterns published in the U-noa Freak books and make them to size instead of enlarging them to fit Lusis and Sist.  I tried that.  The pattern I attempted still needs to be upsized for Lilin.  Despite a notation on the page of 100%, there is no telling what that refers to unless you read Japanese.  U-noa Freak 2 includes a pattern for Lilin.  It looks like a satin baseball jacket over a transparent red negligee.  I can see making the jacket and pairing it with a tee shirt and jeans.  The see-through nightie gets a thumbs down from this doll mom.

After fussing for several weeks with patterns that just didn't work, on a whim I decided to try one of Narae's dresses on her.  The pattern is Gracefaerie's #20 Lilac Afternoon for MSD.  The dress almost fit Lilin.  It would need shortening in the torso, but the rest seemed to fit pretty well. 

Gracefaerie's #20 Lilac Afternoon for MSD.
When I pulled out the actual pattern, I discovered that one of the sizes included was for Vinyl Goodreau.  I have a vinyl Goodreau Innuendo.  She is taller than Lilin, but her torso is short and her bust relatively full.  I made a test piece by cutting the bodice out of my lining fabric.  I basted it together and tried it on Lilin.  Nice!  It looked like I might have a little too much fabric at the back of the dress, but I could compensate with a wider seam allowance back there.

The fit has been thrown off by the extra thickness
of an unplanned-for slip.
The pattern calls for a three-tiered dress skirt.  Since I've already made this outfit a couple of times, I decided to vary it by making a single, slightly longer skirt.  Of course, I ran into problems.  (When don't I?)   The trim I chose for the bottom of the skirt, while perfect in color, is too stiff.  It doesn't allow the skirt to fall naturally.  When I saw how the skirt was sticking out, I realized that Lilin would need a slip or panties to preserve her modesty.  I chose to make a slip, using the skirt pattern from the Fun and Flouncy pattern by Susan Rethoret.  Because I made the dress first, I didn't allow for the extra thickness of a slip, and now the dress is quite snug around the hips.  I'll have to move the snap.  Have I ever mentioned how much I detest sewing snaps?  I don't even want to think about it.

I added silk flowers with the plastic centers and stems removed. 
Each flower is held together in the center by a glass bead instead.
Having the Fun and Flouncy pattern out made me want to make it for U-noa Lusis.  Barring anything wild and wonderful (like the arrival of a doll) in the coming week, I will sew the dress and feature it next week.

Lilin's wig is from Iplehouse (for BID).

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  1. Wow. I'm gonna have you make all of my clothes from now on.