Sunday, December 23, 2012

Soom Quartz, Ice Dragon

I'm on the fence about this one.  Do I keep him?  Or do I sell him?  I started regretting my order early in the waiting period, even more so after I saw Iplehouse's three new nYID boys.  Now I had no money for another doll, and a doll coming that I wasn't sure I wanted and couldn't un-order.  (Welcome to the world of BJDs:  Dolls are cast to order; therefore, orders cannot be cancelled.)

Quartz took just over three months to arrive.  That's a lot of time for second-guessing my choice.  Originally I had planned him as a consort to Feeple65 Siean.  What if they didn't look good together?  After all, Siean is natural in color.  Quartz's color choice was either cream white or blue.  Blue?  I don't think so.  Cream white might work.  I have LittleFee Ante Elf in Fairyland's beautiful white.  It's not my favorite resin color, but looking at Ante next to Siean, I figured it wouldn't look too odd.

Feeple65 Siean wearing a white Christmas gown I bought on ebay.

Fast forward to December 4th.  BIG box.  Lots of individually wrapped parts.  Uh-oh.  Do I have to put him together?  By now I had decided to list him for sale on Den of Angels.  I peeked into the wrappings and spied something transparent and very blue.  Ah, yes, the dragon talons.  They look like chicken feet.  Well, I always knew I wouldn't be keeping those.  I don't collect fantasy creatures, so the dragon legs, talons and horns would have to go. 

Knowing I would have to photograph the lot for my sale listing, I started unwrapping and laying out the pieces.  It was a relief to see that I would need only to attach the hands, feet and head to the basic doll.  The body itself was already strung.  The pieces are labelled L and R, to prevent me (and others) from attaching a left upper leg to a right lower leg and vice versa.  During this process I noticed that I had two left talons.  Merde, as we say in French.  I would have to contact Soom and see if they would send me a right talon.  (Soom says they will send me the missing part and email me when it ships.  The question is, when?)

In addition to the human body and dragon parts, Quartz came with
a free gift:  a pair of jeans with zipper detail down the sides.  I also
ordered his wig.  Soom sent it in silver; the one pictured on their
site looked blonde.  The magnets on top of "The Gem" booklet are
for attaching the horns to his head.
I photographed everything, then rewrapped all the parts and put them back in the box, where they stayed for the next week and a half.  Every time I passed the box (or tripped over it) I thought:  I really should put him together and see how he looks.  He's got a nicely sculpted head.  I'm not a fan of the blue tips on the elf ears; otherwise, he's a handsome fellow, if a bit pale.

Soom Quartz wearing 14 mm eyes from Souldoll.  I tried him
with blue eyes first.  Inasmuch as they were the same color as
his ears, they made his eyes fade into the background.  He
needs a pop of color.

The hands went on easily, lulling me into a false sense of complacency.  I tackled the first foot.  Suddenly, visions of Iplehouse Audrey flashed across my mind.  This elastic wasn't going anywhere.  I had secured it first with a metal crochet hook and a length of grosgrain ribbon, so I could retrieve the elastic if it retreated.  No, the problem with this one was more complex.  Where other companies attach hands, feet and heads with S-hooks, Soom uses resin hooks (or for the head, a small resin banana).  In the case of the foot, there was an additional piece, like half of a hollow ball, that serves as an ankle.  The elastic has to go through a slot in the ball before it attaches to the hook in the foot.  I now had three pieces to manipulate:  the string, the half-ball, and the foot.  Three pieces to juggle between two hands.  Somehow I got the string through the slot in the half-ball.  That's as far as I got.

Photographed under my dining room light, his
silver wig looks blonde.
Feeling like a fool, I phoned my next door neighbor.  He came over and pulled on the string while I attached the first foot.  After a few tries, it was on; the second one was easier.  The banana required only pulling while I attached the head.  I heard a snap when my neighbor let go of the banana.  Too late to tell him to go gently, as resin is strong but not unbreakable.  Quartz weathered the operation, so no harm done.  As for my neighbor, this had to be the strangest request he's ever had.

Soom sends its dolls loosely strung, to make shipping safer.  Considering how much trouble I had attaching Quartz's extremities, there is absolutely no way that I would be able to make that elastic tighter.  He stays as he's strung.  End of argument.

Quartz is wearing one of the ensembles I sewed for
Unidoll Anthony, who has since gone to another home.

I had hoped that Quartz could share clothing with my Iplehouse boys.  In person, he is less robustly built and the clothes are way too big on him.  I was luckier with pants and a vest I made for Unidoll Anthony.  They are a little loose, but not objectionably so.  I sewed a second version of this outfit for Anthony, but after turning the house upside down yesterday without finding it, I figure I'll have to make another one.  That's if Quartz stays.  The listing is posted, and if I get a solid offer I will ship him out. 

The black and white pinstripe is the set I have been looking for
and can't find.  I think it would suit Quartz better than the brown.
IF he stays, I will need to touch up his faceup.  By design, he is pale as a block of ice.  A bit of blush on the cheeks might help to warm him up, as would a deeper color on his lips.  And the blue on the ear tips has got to go.  The blonde eyelashes are all but invisible, so I would change them to dark brown or black.  All that is only if he stays.

The warm glow comes from the lighting.  His coloring is so
pale that he looks like a doll without a faceup.


  1. I had him listed on Den of Angels, then I un-listed him as I find myself warming up to him. Soom sent the extra foot. I haven't opened the box yet: I'm afraid to find a third left foot! If it turns out to be a right foot, I will list the dragon parts. I've removed his eyelashes and the blue color on his ears. This weekend I will touch up his color. I'll post new photos if I succeed.