Monday, December 24, 2012

Naughty? Or Nice?

It's Chistmas Eve, there is snow on the ground, and the sun finally appeared today for the first time in three days.  So, even though I posted last night, I couldn't resist setting up Caroline's Parlor, complete with Christmas tree, and posting again. 

The little Iplehouse BIDs are awaiting Santa Claus.  All three want Santa to know that they have been good little girls and boy this year.

Yuri, especially, wants Santa to know that he hasn't got up to any mischief.

Maddie and Julie have played nicely together, and always put away their toys when they are done.


And none of them would dream of staying up Christmas Eve to see Santa come down the chimney.

But Santa knows the truth.  He has his spies, hidden in the Christmas tree.  

They see all, and they tell all.

They are Santa's eyes and ears.

What will Christmas Day bring?

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