Sunday, December 2, 2012

Iplehouse nYID Audrey Gets Restrung

Yes, I know.  I promised an outfit for U-noa Chibi Lilin for this week.  I didn't even get a chance to start on it.  Here's why:

I put Audrey on layaway at the beginning of October.  Three equal payments.  I should have finished paying for her tomorrow, except that I got impatient and made the final payment a week ago.  She arrived yesterday.  Audrey is a basic doll, not a limited, so I knew that paying early would hasten her arrival.  I did order an outfit with her: a set of bridal lingerie consisting of white corset, white bikini panties and white hose.  I added a pair of white shoes to the order, as the only shoes I have for Iple's larger girls are black, beige or brown.  I also added a long wavy wig in a color that Iple calls Yellow Gradation.

Audrey is normal skin resin with faceup A.  There were two other faceups possible, but I didn't care for either of them.  In the promotional photos this faceup looks extremely pale, so I'm glad to see that Iple's artist gave her a prominent blush.  Not so prominent as Soo's (i.e., no red nose) but enough to give her a healthy glow.

Trying Bianca's wild red wig on for size.  Bianca has a slightly
smaller head.  I could barely get this wig to stay on Audrey's head.
I selected the medium bust again, as I did with Bianca.  To tell the truth, from the moment I saw Bianca I feared that I had received the wrong doll.  For a medium, that bust looked huge!  So I ordered medium again to see if I would receive a smaller size.  Nope.  Same size.  If this is medium, I shudder to think what the large and glamorous busts look like.  One of these days I'll order a small.

Iplehouse sends out its large girls assembled with flat feet, which I find puzzling given that all but one style of their shoes for ladies have high heels.  That means the first order of business for a new female doll is a change of feet.  Sometimes this is a relatively easy task.  Sometimes not. 

I pulled on one foot and tried to hook the elastic with my metal crochet hook, preparatory to slipping the flat foot off its S-hook and replacing it with the heel foot.  I thought I had it, but the elastic inside the leg wasn't giving up so easily.  Zing!  The elastic retreated far up the leg, taking the little S-hook with it.  This has happened to me before.  Each time I was able to reach into the leg cavity with the crochet hook and retrieve the elastic.  This time I could barely see the end of the elastic, much less grab it from afar.  I had no recourse but to disassemble the leg.

Another flash picture.  This one is better than most I took today.
How could a piece of elastic barely three inches long have stretched all the way down the leg to hold the foot?  I tugged.  I pulled.  I tried the crochet hook.  I tried a hemostat (a metal clamping device that serves as an extra hand).  I tugged and pulled some more.  Using a thin wire as a tool, I restrung the leg parts.  The elastic still wouldn't stretch to the ankle.  How the heck did they put her together?

At this point I gave up for the day.  Only now did I notice that I had blisters on several fingers and that two of the blisters had broken open.  I tended my wounds and planned my mode of attack for the next day.

Today I bandaged my sore fingers and wriggled them into a pair of latex gloves.  I pulled on the elastic to see how far it would stretch.  Made note of the marvel of engineering inside this doll's body.  The elastic feeds through a small hole from the opposite leg opening.  Hmm.  At this point I figured it might be a good idea to get out the assembly manual that Iple thoughtfully includes with the doll.  The elastic starts from the neck, goes through the torso, then crisscrosses through a hole in the pelvis before going through what Iple calls a pelvis fixer part and then to the leg.  By the time the elastic comes through the upper thigh, it has traveled through quite an expanse of internal real estate!

I also noted that they did not attach the doll's head until after completing the stringing process.  I removed Audrey's head and set it aside.  I pulled the string out through the neck opening--mainly because I was curious to see how long it was.  It had occurred to me that I might do well to replace it with a longer elastic.  I know some owners replace the esastic with a thicker one.  Frankly, I don't see how anything thicker could fit through some of the openings without more of a struggle than I was having already.  I chose a replacement elastic.  Because I have all my elastic cords in one place, I don't know if this came originally with an Iplehouse doll, an Elfdoll or some other brand.  It was about the same length, but it seemed to have more stretch than the other string.

Long story short, I was able to restring Audrey with the replacement cord and attach her feet.  Then I dressed her in the bridal lingerie and tried to take photos.  It has been either threatening rain or raining all weekend, which means skies are dark gray even at midday.  Good photos were not to be had.  The best were close-ups.  Pictures taken at a distance sufficient to show the doll from top to bottom were beyond even PhotoShop's help.  You'll have to take my word for it that she is a gorgeous doll.  I'll try to take better photos next weekend.  It's a doll meet-up Saturday!



  1. Another beautiful sculpt for Iplehouse! Can you bring both Audrey and Bianca to the meetup so we can compare? ^_^

  2. Wow, who knew it was so much work! I can't believe you have blisters. You really should write a manual.