Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 2012 Doll Meet-Up in Vermont

I always feel like an idiot posting this right after Modern Wizard has posted the same photos.  On the other hand, not everyone reads both blogs, right?  So here is my take on the Chittenden County Doll Club's meeting held December 8th at the Brownell Library in Essex Junction, Vermont.

There were three big people in attendance and twelve little people, the little people being dolls.  Modern Wizard brought three small Soom Fairy Legends dolls:

Left to right:  Ginevra (an Aenigma girl), Mellifer (a Metato in orange)
and Flower (a Kremer wearing purple)

Lyrajean brought the largest and most varied contingent:  three Volks dolls, one CP Luts, one Angel Region and one Iplehouse:

Lyrajean's crew:  a Volks F36 (with samurai cutlery), a CP Lutz sleeping elf
Chiwoo (a defanged vampire head), Iplehouse EID Asa, a Volks old F14,
 a Volks YoSD Kira with Four Sisters head, and an Angel Region Kai

Vermont Chick (aka balljointedwoman) brought three Iplehouse dolls.  People have come to expect this of me.  I do, however, collect other dolls.  Once in a blue moon I even bring one to a meet-up.

Beatrice (an Iplehouse nYID Bianca making her second meet-up
appearance), Iplehouse SID Shane, and Jillian (an Iplehouse nYID Audrey)

I brought extra wigs to the meet-up, so the Iples had fun changing their looks:

Asa wearing Shane's wig, a Monique Gold Jo-Jo.  Lyrajean, who has
lived in Japan, says this is typical of the color Japanese young people
dye their hair once they finish school.  Who knew?

Shane and Jillian exchange their reds for pure white.  Both wigs
by Iplehouse.

Beatrice looking pretty and pouty in Asa's Iplehouse wig.

We will get together again in two months, provided there are at least three people interested in meeting.  If Lyrajean moves to Seattle, we may have difficulty reaching our quota.  I know there are other doll collectors in the area.  We'd love to have you join us.

YoSD Kira reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Last week a Soom Super Gem Quartz Ice Dragon that I ordered in August was delivered.  I wish I could say that I am absolutely crazed with joy over his arrival, but the fact is, he leaves me cold.  He does have a nice face, but I really wish I hadn't spent the money.  I have already listed him on Den of Angels.  Except for the occasional wig or eyes, he's my last venture into Soom-dom.

Dragon legs and ice-blue talons.  What was I thinking?
(They look like chicken feet.)
He's not bad looking, though.

I also purchased a postal scale this week, so I can finally begin listing dolls for sale on e-bay. Lots of old vinyls need to find new homes.  Now I need shipping boxes.


  1. Well, I tend to go for super closeups of people's faces, so it's good to have a diversity of shots...Besides, I only select a very few from each meetup to post, so I like seeing your shots. ^_^

    I think we need to do some serious recruiting or something... There are all these people on the Chittenden County Doll Club mailing list, but they never come. :'(

    Quartz looks nice, but kind of bland. I don't think the pale faceup is doing him any favors.

    What kind of vinyl dolls are you selling? You can E-mail me and let me know.

  2. Great photos! I look forward to seeing the pictures every time you girls meet up.