Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Betrayal - Part 4 (Last part, I promise)

In our last post, the Heartbreaker was just departing the premises.  That leaves our two ladies alone for the first time...


Friends again.

They've seen the last of him.  Or have they?

On another note, Balljointedwoman has succumbed to D-Storic's Good-Bye Bimong sale.  I have ordered not one, but two dolls:  a Narin and a Narae.  After December 31, 2012, D-Storic will no longer be handling the sale of Bimong dolls.  The discount was too good to miss, so a Narae N412 "Butterfly" will join my four year-old open-eyed Narae, along with a Narin N411.  I never got around to buying a Narin the first time.  He is Narae's male counterpart.  More about these beautiful dolls after their arrival.  When?  I've heard rumors of 30 days for the first 100 orders.  I think I was early enough to qualify.  We'll see!


  1. I didn't know new Narae and Narins were still available to buy.

  2. I'm giggling b/c I should not be surprised that you bought more dolls. But I am surprised! Ha! On another note, I loved your story. I only wish that it had ended with a fist fight and one of the girls standing on top of the other with her hands in the air. You know like WWE or something. ;-)

  3. Saraquill, they are available until December 31st. After that is anybody's guess. Presumably Bimong will handle sales himself.

    Julie, you are twisted. LOL! Now I wish I had ended the story that way. Maybe I'll photograph an alternative ending.