Sunday, November 25, 2012

Simplicite for Millie and Lillie

You know you haven't sewn anything in a long time when you cut out a dress, and only after you have all the pieces in front of you do you realize you've made this outfit before.  Not only that, but I had made two dresses from this same pattern.  For the same girls.  Go figure.

That didn't stop me from sewing it again.  I never make exactly the same dress twice, no matter how many times I use a pattern.  And this pattern, Simplicite from MHD Designs, includes a number of items I didn't sew the first time.  This time, Lillibets got a romper while Millikins got the dress, they both got short jackets (the pattern calls it a cardigan), hats and socks.  Granted, they didn't get the hats in the pattern set.  I made the hats but they didn't fit.  Using fleece instead of a knit made them bulkier, less stretchy and ultimately too small for either girl to wear.  Maybe I'll just string a ribbon through them and hang them on the Christmas tree this year.  They're too cute not to enjoy.

The dress is supposed to be fully lined.  I lined only the bodice this time, because lining the skirts last time made them stiff.  Instead of hemming the bottom, I pulled threads to get a fringe effect.  It doesn't show up well in the photos, but it worked like a charm.  It also keeps the dress from fraying.  So does the ribbon border, although I doubt the dress will ever fray to that point on its own.

The romper has a collarless option.  After some thought I decided to put the dress collar on it.  I like the look, especially with the different color bodice.  Originally I wasn't going to use two fabrics in the romper.  It ended up that way thanks to two mistakes.  First:  the original bodice backs turned out a quarter-inch too narrow.  No idea how that happened, but using those pieces was out of the question.  Second:  I cut the green jacket's lining from the bodice pattern pieces in error.  I had to cut a new jacket lining anyway, so I used the first set of pieces for the romper bodice and cut cuffs to match.  I found the perfect trim in some tiny jingle bells.  They're nearly the same size as the ones in the print.

Browsing through my stash of tiny ribbed knit fabrics, I noticed I didn't have the right colors to make coordinating cardigans that would actually look like sweaters.  I decided to go with fleece instead.  The fleece makes the jackets puffy looking, but seeing as both girls are thin it's not an unappealing look.  And when the matching hats didn't work out, I was able to borrow the Halloween pumpkin hat for Lillibets and make a similar beanie-style hat for Millikens from the same pattern.

The girls are enjoying their new outfits, especially with colder weather settling in.  U-noa Chibi Lilin is seated near them, still in a summer dress.  Looks like she's next for something seasonal.  It never ends.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Betrayal - Part 4 (Last part, I promise)

In our last post, the Heartbreaker was just departing the premises.  That leaves our two ladies alone for the first time...


Friends again.

They've seen the last of him.  Or have they?

On another note, Balljointedwoman has succumbed to D-Storic's Good-Bye Bimong sale.  I have ordered not one, but two dolls:  a Narin and a Narae.  After December 31, 2012, D-Storic will no longer be handling the sale of Bimong dolls.  The discount was too good to miss, so a Narae N412 "Butterfly" will join my four year-old open-eyed Narae, along with a Narin N411.  I never got around to buying a Narin the first time.  He is Narae's male counterpart.  More about these beautiful dolls after their arrival.  When?  I've heard rumors of 30 days for the first 100 orders.  I think I was early enough to qualify.  We'll see!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Betrayal - Part 3

We rejoin our (wordless) story:


To be concluded next week...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Betrayal (a Story Without Words) Part 2

We rejoin our story which began last week:

Tune in next week for Part 3.