Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Betrayal - Part I (A story without words)

Before I begin my tale, I would like to introduce the newest character in the play:  Caroline's Parlor, by American Girl.  I don't collect American Girl dolls, but apparently someone who once lived in my house did, because I received her catalog in the mail.  When I think that I almost tossed it without a second glance--am I ever glad I didn't!  AG's furnishings are perfectly sized for MSDs.  Despite its hefty price tag, I ordered the three-piece parlor.  What a wonderful set-piece this is!  It is all wood construction, solid, heavy and beautifully put together.  The only false notes are a few plastic accent pieces.  I am now looking for a wood frame for the reversible picture/mirror, and I have a couple of bids in to ebay for some pottery for the shelves.  Just 30 minutes to go before I know if they are mine.

Two of the other characters you have already met in these pages:  they are Mirrren, a U-noa Quluts Lusis, and Brodie, a U-noa Quluts L-Bi.  The third doll, Charlotte, is a new U-noa Quluts Sist faceplate that I purchased complete with faceup.  She is attached to the body that normally belongs to Reese (a different Sist faceplate with faceup by me).  For those of you unfamiliar with U-noa dolls, the Sist sculpt has a closed mouth while the Lusis sculpt has an open mouth.

And now for our (wordless) tale of love and betrayal...

To be continued...

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  1. Wow! I love this post! I love the furniture too. So awesome.