Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Iple Girl Portraits

I took advantage of the sunshine earlier this week to take new portraits of some of my Iplehouse ladies. 

I hope I can actually post them, because a week ago Google notified me that I had used up my free photo storage space and needed to buy more.  If I have used up all my photo storage, it is because Blogger reads vertical .jpg photos taken with a Canon camera as horizontal.  In order to get them to display correctly, I have to convert the file to .tif or .png format, both of which result in huge files.

Before paying any money, I figured I should at least try to reduce the size of my photos.  It took a long time, but I resized all the .tifs and .pngs and then began the laborious process of substituting them for the photos already posted on the blog.  It wouldn't be such an onerous task, except that removing a photo also removes the caption -- and some photos have lengthy captions.  I haven't finished, but I have regained some space.  And a much wiser Balljointedwoman is now taking horizontal photos and cropping them to look vertical.  Apparently Blogger's software is okay with that.

Here is Soo with a new pair of eyes.  Her high-domed hard acrylic eyes did not photograph well.  Now I have her in a pair of low-domed Eyeco soft silicone eyes, size 11 mm.  They look much more realistic.

I took many photos of Beatrice/Bianca in her blue wig.  They're all good, so it was difficult to pick just one to show here.  She looks alternately pouty and sad, depending on the camera angle.

Out of curiosity, I put Beatrice in the off-the-shoulder Goddess Gown for EID that I bought on e-bay.  Would it fit her smaller body?  It did indeed.  In my opinion, the gown fits SID and nYID girls better than it does EID girls.  On EIDs, the back does not lace completely closed.  On the other two sizes it does.

In closeup, she looks every inch the haughty princess, don't you think?

*Soo's wig and Beatrice's blue wig from Jpopdolls; Beatrice's braided wig from Iplehouse.

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  1. WOW! Beautiful photos. Beautiful subjects and beautifully taken!