Sunday, September 30, 2012

Twice Around the World Fashions

You read that right:  Twice around the world.  As in:  My Iplehouse clothing order took a wrong turn, returned to Korea, and then came back to me.  Or would that make them boomerang clothes?

Whichever it is, tracking this order gave me a headache.  The package left Korea on a plane bound for New York, as usual.  From New York, things got weird.  All of a sudden, the package was in North Reading, Massachusetts, and the note in the margin of the tracking form said, Missent.  Nice to have an admission of error from the Post Office, but would the errant package subsequently find its way north to Vermont?  It did not.  Next thing I saw, the package was back in New York, now marked, Unclaimed.  Unclaimed?  It went to the wrong city in the wrong state.  They couldn't even attempt a delivery!

Here is where I started asking questions, starting with my local Post Office.  Could they intercept the package?  No.  Could they phone or email New York and stop them from sending it back to Korea?  No.  I emailed Iplehouse to let them know what was happening, because without a doubt this package was going to turn up on their doorstep in another day or two.  As it did.  Well and good, but Iplehouse couldn't send it out again free of charge without an admission of error from the US Postal Service.  So we waited.  Once they got it, the package again left Korea, this time via Anchorage, Alaska.  Last time a package of mine took this route, it almost went AWOL and took extra time to get here.  This time things went smoothly.  I finally got my package, albeit a week later than it should have arrived.

Getting my hands on this order feels like cause for celebration.  I know--I'll stage a fashion show!

I dressed the girls in their new outfits.  Soo got a black cheongsam.  Iple calls it a Redline Chinese dress, perhaps because of the red braid and frogs.  It's slit up both sides, the better to show off her glamorous legs.  She also got a pair of peep-toe black shoes with rhinestone buckles.  The shoes are so loose, however, that I ended up putting them on Beatrice after taking the photos.

Carleen (aka Lahela) got a brown dress called Olympia.  It's made of knit fabric, so it stretches to accommodate both SID and EID women.  I haven't tried it on Beatrice yet, but I'll bet it also fits nYID.  I like it when clothing fits more than one doll.  It gives me more bang for my buck.  This dress has an unfinished hem.  I question why it was designed this way, because the hem has a tendency to roll up.  I will either have to hem it myself, or else find a thin brown braid that I can sew to the bottom to weight the dress down.

Outfit number three is a dress called Bali.  This little number also fits multiple sizes because of the shirred top.  I love the colors in it.  Iplehouse rarely ventures into color and print.  Most of its styles come in plain black or brown or beige or the occasional pale pastel.  This dress looks and feels like a tropical island, as the name suggests.  I love it.  And so does Zophia (aka Zera).  She also loves her Korean red wig.  Funny that I had never tried this wig on her before.  She really rocks it.

The final outfit is called Glow.  Don't ask me why.  The name leads one to expect an iridescent fabric rather than stretch denim.  It comes with black panties (good idea, because this is one short dress!), a black choker and black thigh-high stockings.  The stockings are thick.  I had trouble putting shoes on over them and ended up giving Beatrice short boots studded in silver.  They work with the choker and the dress, both of which have metal beads on them.  She already looked punk in the outfit, so I gave her a blue wig to complete the look.

This weekend has seen nothing but gray skies and rain.  I tried to stage my fashion show, but it was hard to find any room in the house that had enough light.  Every time I took a picture, the flash went off.  Soo's pale eyes have a high, clear dome.  The camera flash turns them into cat's eyes.  Of course, I didn't notice this until I was editing my photos.  I changed Soo's eyes, but by then it was too dark to take more pictures.  Maybe next weekend.

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  1. Unbelievable story. I think your first shipment is somewhere with the clothes I ordered from Eddie Bauer for Christmas last year.

    You should totally get a photo lamp for rainy days. Turns out...they aren't that expensive! Your photos turned out pretty good if I say so myself.