Sunday, September 16, 2012

There's Going to Be a Wedding

A doll wedding, that is.  Fairyland Feeple65 Siean will wed Soom Quartz Ice Dragon.  Once he gets here, that is.  And provided that they look as wonderful together as I hope they will.

In the meantime, I have been sewing what will be Siean's wedding dress.  (Siean, by the way, has finally revealed to me what her name is, but I am witholding it until her husband-to-be arrives.  I've got his name picked out, too.)  This dress had its beginnings in a now very familiar pattern:  #10 Takeshita-dori by Gracefaerie.  I've lost track now of how many times I have used it.  The funny thing is no two dresses made from it look the same.  Now that's a versatile pattern! 

I knew from trying one of the versions on Siean that it could be a little looser on top, so I allowed close to an inch of extra fabric in cutting out the blouse front.  The result accommodates her buxom figure perfectly.  I also thought the two-piece dress could use some extra length, so I added 4-inch wide lace to the bottom of both the blouse and the skirt.  There was a shorter length of the same lace wound around the lace bobbin at the fabric store.  I bought it along with the longer piece, thinking they were both 4 inches wide, only to discover that it was a bit narrower and finer.  I used it for the lower edge of the blouse, reserving the wider piece for the sleeves and the bottom of the skirt.

When Siean's groom arrives, I will make her a veil to go with the dresss.  For now she is wearing a narrow circlet with flowers in it.  I will also need to make something for the groom to wear.  Because I'm not sure of his size, that will have to wait until his arrival.  Between now and then, I suppose I could make bridesmaid dresses for some of the other dolls.  I'll try not to get carried away.  After all, it's not necessary for every single doll to be in the wedding party.  Some of them will have to be guests!

I was originally hoping to feature an Iplehouse fashion show in today's post.  I ordered some clothing just over a week ago and tracked the package as it made its way from Korea to New York (the usual port of entry) and then to North Reading, Massachusetts.  Massachusetts?  Are we taking the scenic route this time?  Nope, there in the margin of the tracking report was the word Missent.  I then watched in disbelief as the package made its way back to New York, where it appeared as Unclaimed.  How could it be unclaimed?  There was no attempt made at delivery.  If you mistakenly send a package to the wrong city in the wrong state, the chances that the addressee will be there to claim it are slim to none.

I notified Iplehouse of what was happening.  On Wednesday I filed a claim with the US Postal Service.  They are supposed to reply within 24 hours.  It's now Sunday and I am still waiting for an answer.  The last time I looked, the package was on its way back to Korea.  Iplehouse, bless their hearts, have promised to re-ship it to me free of charge.

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  1. Beautiful! What a great idea. How much fun is this!!!