Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Wedding Party: Harin

Fairyland's FeePle65 Siean has enlisted Iplehouse Harin as her maid of honor. Together they have chosen a simple little dress drafted on the same pattern as Siean's wedding dress:  Gracefaerie's #10 Takeshita-dori.  I probably should have chosen something else, as this pattern has seen abundant variations in these pages already.  The fact remains that I have only a few patterns in this size and most are either not as versatile or else would cause the bridesmaid to outshine the bride.  So Takeshita-dori it is.  Only this time I am making the dress rather than the skirt and blouse.

Kana Long wig by Jpopdolls in Blush.  Shoes by Iplehouse.

I found a sweet little print in my stash:  pale violet and teal on a cream background.  There was a full yard of it, so I should be able to get the flower girl's dress out of the same fabric.  I would add another bridesmaid or two, except that I don't want to make multiples of the same dress.  Siean will simply have to scale back her expectations.  The dress is intended to have a sash, if I can ever find my roll of violet organdy ribbon.  I know I haven't used it up, but it's not with my other ribbons.  That's what happens when you move.  Things get misplaced.

The dress came together quickly, as happens when I omit the sleeves.  Now I wonder at the wisdom of a sleeveless dress when the wedding is likely to take place during the colder months.  We can't even set a date, as we are at the mercy of Soom, who may take 100 business days to produce the groom.  I don't remember the exact date I ordered Quartz, but I have a sinking feeling that it was a mere month ago, or 30 calendar days.  We have a long way to go.  I probably have time to outfit every doll in my collection for this wedding!

A closer look at the fabric's print.

A short jacket or shrug would solve the sleeve problem.  I seem to remember one among my Ellowyne Wilde patterns.  I can either enlarge it or order one in SD size.  While I wait for it to come, I can start on the flower girl's dress.  That's if Siean ever decides which little girl will have the honor.  There has been talk of LittleFee Ante Elf and LittleFee Lishe.  If one is chosen, will the other feel left out?  Would it be out of line for Siean to have two flower girls?  Or should she ask Unoa Chibi Lilin instead?  Lilin would be very happy to be in the wedding party.  It's been ages since she had a new dress.

Waiting for her sash--if I can ever find the ribbon.  She will also
need a headband and a bouquet of flowers for the wedding.

I will have to outfit a best man and a ring bearer without seeing how they look next to the groom.  Siean picked them out on the grounds that Quartz won't know anyone, being new to the area.  She has selected Iplehouse Mars to be best man (I think Harin may have had something to do with that decision) and LittleFee Shiwoo to be ring bearer.  You can't blame her for choosing Shiwoo.  She is trying to get as many family members into the wedding party as possible.  Even so, I can't imagine what possible role she has in mind for her three RealPuki cousins.  I've asked her, but she isn't telling.  I'm not sure I trust her secretive smile...


  1. Well, they could always fly south for the celebration, and you could photo them in front of tropical beach posters.

    I am guessing that the RealPukis are each going to through individual grains of rice. ^_^

  2. Wow, I love the dress! Absolutely beautiful.