Monday, September 3, 2012

Iplehouse Soo Gets a Makeover

Technically, it's a make-under, because this girl's makeup was way overdone.  It took me a couple of weeks to come to this decision, mainly because the very thought of "improving" on an Iplehouse faceup seemed tantamount to sacrilege.  The fact remains that the company has a heavy-handed artist on its staff, and he or she painted Soo beyond the limits of my acceptance.  I was so unhappy with her that I even listed her for sale on Den of Angels.  Finally, I took her off the Marketplace and went to work on her.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Soo before makeover.  There is so much color on her face that
her neck looks white by comparison.
I don't know what brand of finishing spray IH uses, but I had an awful time getting the blush off Soo's face.  There wasn't a millimeter of resin on her face that wasn't blushed.  Her red nose made it look like she was suffering from a cold.  It took a lot of acetone, elbow grease, and finally scraping with my fingernail before I was able to peel away the color. 

Halfway there.  Removing the eyelashes chipped some
of the eyeliner, so I had to touch it up.  The face still
needs a bit of blush, eyelashes and eyes.
I have been thinking of buying Winsor-Newton brush cleaner to remove faceups.  I doubt I would have used it in this instance, however, as I wanted to keep Soo's eye makeup and lipstick intact.  Winsor-Newton removes everything, because you immerse the doll's head in it and let it soak.  That technique wouldn't have saved the parts I wanted to keep.

The new Soo.
When the blush finally came off, I was surprised at how much prettier she looked.  After spraying with MSC, I gave her a light blushing with a coral-colored pastel and sprayed again.  We tried on eyes in a number of different colors before I settled on a light green acrylic.  Luckily, her eyelashes had peeled off intact, so I was able to reglue them.  On the other hand, the MSC dulled the sheen on her lips.  I'm still debating whether or not to give them a light coat of varnish.  I rather like the matte look.

Diva in a green two-piece dress.
A new look deserves a new outfit.  The fabric from Siean's outfit was still on the table, along with cotton gauze in additional colors.  I picked green this time, to go with Soo's green eyes.  Originally I meant to make a bikini with a skirt to cover up, despite the Labor Day holiday which marks the official end of summer.  I made the skirt first.  No pattern--I just took measurements.  The bikini bottom was almost done when I decided she really needed a top first for modesty's sake. 

I tried draping the fabric on the doll's body and pinning it into shape.  Three tops later, I finally have one that works.  I also have a renewed respect for the designers who compete on Project Runway.  They usually get a single day to create a runway-ready fashion.  After two days, I had barely covered a 65 cm. doll.  I was also running out of usable daylight for taking photos, so I left the bikini bottom unfinished.  Maybe I'll complete it this winter and call it resort wear.

Soo happily tried on wigs and posed while I took photos.  Her EID body is rock solid.  I merely set her down on a table or on the floor and she stood still for me.  No bobbling, no falling.  It's as if she were telling me: "Thank you, thank you, thank you for getting me out of that cowgirl outfit.  Now let me show you who I really am!" 

* All wigs shown above are from Iplehouse.

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  1. Wow, what an improvement. I see that her cold went away. :p You'll have to bring her to the next meetup so I can take some "after" pictures to go with my "before" pictures.