Sunday, September 9, 2012

Iplehouse Bianca Models Her Full Set

I finally changed Beatrice (nYID Bianca) into her full set.  Much as I love the Scandal set with its short short skirt and hint of beer garden, I was curious to see how Beatrice would look in the Vermeer-inspired laundry maid outfit that goes with her character's story.  It's a pretty dramatic change.  See if you don't agree:

The outfit did not come with shoes, so I bought a
pair of brown boots.  I needn't have bothered, as
the skirt is so long you can't see them.

Portrait of a lundry maid.

Cute little ski-junp nose.

She looks a bit wistful and sad, doesn't she?

There was a second full set outfit available for Bianca -- a military uniform -- which I did not buy.  It accompanied a long, involved story where she goes from a simple maid to a general in the bad guy's army, to a final transformation as a cyborg.  Too preposterous by far for me.  I'm sticking with the laundry maid.


  1. What a fun outfit! I'm sure it is way cuter than the military outfit.