Sunday, August 26, 2012

Enlarging a Dress Pattern for Feeple65 Siean

I am inordinately pleased with myself tonight.  For the first time, I managed to enlarge a pattern without resorting to a photocopier.  And what an enlargement it is:  from a dress sized for 16 inch Ellowyne Wilde to a dress for the amply endowed F65.  Until now, I have only made versions of this dress to fit slim minis like Narae and U-noa.  Working in Siean's size was a bit of a stretch.  I should have photographed the dolls together to show you what I mean.

The method I used came right out of a book.  Basically, to enlarge a pattern you cut it apart, then re-assemble it on a larger piece of paper, leaving enough space between the pieces to achieve the desired size.  Because I didn't want to cut Ellowyne's pattern pieces, I first traced them onto plain paper.  Then I made a vertical cut in each plain paper piece, followed by a horizontal cut.  This gave me four pieces, which I spaced apart on another piece of paper until the resulting new piece fit Siean's measurements, plus a one-quarter inch seam allowance.

The pattern is Rodeo Drive from the Fletcher Pattern Company.
My new pattern pieces are in the upper right corner of the photo--
under the scissors.
I tested my pattern pieces in muslin to make sure they would fit.  They did, and so I cut out the dress using a crinkle gauze for the top and the bottom skirt trim, and a good quality quilting fabric for the midriff and skirt.  Previously, when I made this dress for the smaller girls, I made it all from one fabric.  It worked well enough for the girls with little or no bust.  This time I needed a fabric that would drape across a much larger bust.  The gauze allowed me to "make it work".

There is a big quilt show held every summer in this area.  I always go, even though I don't quilt, because I always find some fabric there to make into doll clothes.  This year's find is the print I used in Siean's dress.  There's a lot of it left, so I can use it again for another garment.  I'm so glad I bought it in blue-and-tan, instead of the predominantly purple hues I had been looking at.  Then again, I probably should have bought both!

Siean is wearing the new wig, eyes and shoes I ordered for her earlier this summer from Soom.  The eye color is baby blue eclipse.  It's paler than I thought it would be.  The wig needs a bit of styling.  I think I want to braid the front sections and perhaps tie them at the back of her head.  I don't know.  I'll have to work on it.

It is fitting that Siean's accessories should come from Soom.  I just caved in and ordered a Soom Super Gem named Quartz--the Ice Dragon.  I think he will make a wonderful consort for Siean.  Fairyland makes a Feeple65 dragon male named Roke.  I considered him, but in the final analysis didn't care as much for his facial sculpt and body.  One thing is for sure:  I won't be keeping the Ice Dragon's fantasy parts (horns, dragon legs and icy blue talons).  The wings were described as tinsel (!?) and are most likely part of the costume, which I didn't order.  Either way, the fantasy parts will hit DoA's Marketplace the minute they get here.  Elf ears are as fantasy as I get. 

Quartz will take 2-3 months to get here.  Until then, Siean will just have to get used to waiting.


  1. It takes smarts to do that without a copier. Nice dress. I like the shoes too. :-)

  2. What brand of eyes is she wearing? That's a wonderfully coordinated look for her, from shoes to skirt to top to eyes. You're right...the gauze really does drape well around her breasts.

    Heh heh heh, you ordered a Soom MD. Did you get Quartz in white or blue? Knowing you, I'd guess you went with white....

    1. Her eyes are Soom soft urethane. I really like them.

      Although the blue was tempting (and looked blue rather than puke green on my monitor) I ordered Quartz in white. You know me well. Heh, heh, heh. Too bad he won't be here in time for the October meet-up.