Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beatrice Discovers the Wig Bin

I love Beatrice (my Iplehouse nYID Bianca) to pieces, but that red wig she came with is one hot mess.  We still haven't tried on the thick, light brown braided wig, because it goes with her maid outfit and she is still wearing the Scandal set.  I'll save those for later.

After trying a couple of 8/9 wigs and 7/8 wigs for comparison, it was clear that Beatrice would be wearing 7/8s.  They're a little snug, but they fit better.  Some 7/8s were too small.  That's to be expected, because they are probably closer to a 7 than an 8.  Likewise, I may have some 8/9s that fit if they are closer to an 8 than a 9.  We haven't gone through the 8/9 bins yet.  Another project for another day.

This one was a surprise fit, because I didn't think it had any stretch to it.  It was an extra wig that I bought from Blue Fairy for my Tiny Fairy Jasmine (who has since gone to another home).  The original bag and tag have gone missing, but I seem to recall something like Marshmallow.  Not sure if that was the color or the style.  I love the contrast of the pale blonde with the peach gold resin.

I knew this one would fit as it has plenty of stretch.  It's Faith by Monique Gold in light peach blonde/white blonde.  What I like about the smaller wigs on Beatrice is that the bangs don't obscure her eyes the way a larger wig's bangs do.  Her eyes are small; this lets me see them.

This one is by Leeke, sold by Denver Doll as Darcy.  The color is baby brown.  No surprise here, either, as Leeke's wigs tend to run a little large.  There are exceptions, but this wasn't one of them.  What I like is that there is a brown ribbon braided through the hair, perfect with her brown and white outfit.

I think this one is a Reiya by Jpopdolls.  The tag on the bag has the color, Autumn Moon, but not the name.  It's for times when Beatrice wants a red that's a little less of a mess.

I'm sure the tag on this one is wrong.  It says Wine-Wine, but it's obviously Black-Wine.  The style is Kana Wavy from Jpopdolls.  The wine color is underneath, at the bottom of the wig.  I like Beatrice in dark hair.

And finally, another Reiya from Jpopdolls, this one in Pearl.  We tried on a number of other wigs that didn't photograph well, as well as some that didn't fit.  And we still have two bins of size 8/9s to go through.  More fun for later on!

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  1. Wow...I can't believe how much a wig can totally change her whole look. I can't figure out which one is my favorite.