Sunday, August 12, 2012

August Doll Meet-Up

It's that time again.  My local group of doll enthusiasts is meeting only every other month this year.  That means the next meet-up won't be until October.  Such a long time to wait!  On the other hand, new doll orders typically take two months to arrive, so if I order now, I can bring a new doll to our next get-together.  It sounds like I'm looking for an excuse to buy another doll, doesn't it?  (Since when do I need an excuse?)

There were four of us at this meet-up, but everyone brought three dolls, so there were twelve dolls to examine and photograph.  That's a far cry from our first meeting, where two of us brought two dolls each for a total of four dolls.  I miss the early meetings at the Thai restaurant, but these days the amount of resin on hand means we would have to commandeer an extra table--or two!

Enough babbling from me.  Let's get on to the dolls!

Here is the line-up.  From left to right (more or less):  Nathaniel, a Volks Emma who belongs to Modern Wizard.  MW's other two dolls are August, a Buddy Doll April Winking (pink hair, back row) and Mellifer, a Soom Metato (small male fairy with black hair, also back row).  Next to Nathaniel is Goldi's MiniFee Chloe, her Dollzone Ulli (hard to see given the photo's size, but he's a tiny goat dressed in blue), followed by her LittleFee Rolly (yellow dress).  Next we have my Iplehouse EID Soo, Iplehouse SID Lahela, and my brand-new, just-picked-up-at-the-Post-Office Iplehouse nYID Bianca.  At the right are Lyrajean's three Volks girls:  Masha, a YoSD Kira, and an F26 (sorry, don't remember her name).

LittleFee Rolly next to one of a pair of talons from a Soom Galena that Modern Wizard brought.  I'm very curious to see the doll that will wear THOSE!  Run, Rolly, run!!!

Lyrajean's three Volks dolls.  The public library that hosts our meetings always has displays of local art on the walls.  The current exhibit, titled "Own the Night," was created by students.  I used Photoshop to replace the crooked lettering describing an adjacent piece of artwork with a clone of Volks YoSD Kira.

Lots of cuteness going on in this photo.  That's Kira, August, Rolly, and Ulli the goat on August's lap.

My three ladies:  Soo on what was Lahela's original body, Lahela on Soo's original body, and Bianca on her own body.  As she is new, Bianca will get her own post separate from this one.

That's a lot of hair!  Bianca is a new resin color called peach gold.  This photo seems to have washed out the color so that she looks like Iple's normal resin.  The photo above it is truer to her real color.  More Bianca later.

Visit Modern Wizard's Blog of Stench for more meet-up photos:

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  1. I can't wait to see your Bianca pictures. I'm very intrigued by her face looks more mature than other YIDs. I hope to see her in different wigs too.

    Yes, just think of all the dolls you could have in hand by October, the next meetup! :p