Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Afternoon of a Faun" for Iplehouse JID

I was looking at Kaye Wiggs' Nelly in her new dress made from Gracefaerie's pattern #54, Afternoon of a Faun.  Standing nearby were two of my Iplehouse JID girls.  Despite the overall difference in the dolls' proportions, Nelly's bodice looked like it would fit my JIDs.  I tried Nelly's dress on Tania.  It was long, but not so long that it would trip her up.  Better yet, the bodice fit.  I may make her a long version of this dress for her very own, perhaps with the cropped jacket.  That's a project for another day, because the sleeves will need some adjustment to fit the JID's shorter, slimmer arms.

One of the looks included in the pattern is a tunic dress, a short version of the dress meant to be worn with pants.  I figured this should be near perfect for JIDs.  I rifled through my fabric stash, selected a few likely prints, and started cutting.  The first two dresses would be for Asa--both of them.

The tunic dress with pants is shown on the back of the pattern.
It's the look pictured in the lower right photo.
I decided to give the first short dress a suggestion of a sleeve, much as I did for Nelly's dress.  The sleeve consists of a short length of blue lace overlaid with narrow trim.  I also cut ties from the same narrow trim.  I would have liked to string some beads on them, but none of my beads have a large enough hole to fit.  Maybe if I had made the ties from fabric, I could have threaded them through the beads.  The trick there is in making a thin enough tie, which means trying to turn an impossibly narrow tube rightside out after sewing it.  I decided that today was just too hot and humid to deal with that sort of frustration.

White skin Asa, with small bust, is on the left.  Real skin Asa,
with large bust, is on the right.

I made a second version of the tunic dress, this time without any ties or sleeves.  I also omitted the interfacing, which seemed to add unnecessary bulk.  This dress was intended for my small-bust Asa and I discovered, after I finished it, that it did not fit her as well as I initially thought.  As soon as I removed her from her stand, the dress started slipping down.  Oops!  The stand's metal prongs around her waist were helping hold up the dress!  I may have to open up the top and insert ties on this one after all.  Either that or reposition the snaps on the back of the bodice.  Moving the snaps is easier, but it means I can't hide the stand under her dress. 

Asa I's wig is Monique Gold's Pretty Girl in brown black/honey blonde.

I gave both short dresses a fabric ruffle, even though the original pattern didn't call for one.  The ruffle adds a bit of interest to the plainest part of the dress.  It also makes the dress a little longer.  In addition, I gave the second dress a fabric belt in the same contrasting color as the ruffle.  Both outfits could use some embellishment, or at least a bit of jewelry.  With a storm approaching, I couldn't take the time today; I had to hurry and take pictures before it got too dark.

Asa II's wig is Monique Gold's Faith, in peach blonde/white blonde.
This look is a departure for her, as I usually have her in dark wigs.

Monday 8/6 update:  Iplehouse nYID Bianca has shipped!!!!

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