Monday, July 16, 2012

The Week in Dolls

This weekend saw the arrival of two orders.  One was from Soom (Korea) for a wig, a pair of eyes, and shoes, all for Siean.  I haven't taken photos yet.  You'll have to trust me when I say she looks fantastic.  The eyes are a color called Baby Blue Eclipse.  They look lighter in person than they did on the website.  I worried that Siean would look blank or blind, but actually she looks quite ethereal.  The wig is dark blonde, long and slightly wavy.  With the new eyes and wig she reminds me of Galadriel from Lord of the Rings.

The other package contained an order of fabric, also for Siean.  When I opened it, I was disappointed to find that one of the three yards of cotton gauze I ordered was missing.  I checked the packing slip and found the dreaded words:  Out of Stock.  No indication that the fabric will come later.  Wouldn't you know it, this gauze print (tiny blue floral on an ivory ground) was crucial to the outfit I had planned.  I am left with a yard of plain ivory and another of dark blue with a bit of a metallic stripe running through it.  I can work with it, but I really wanted that floral.

The past several days have been too hot and humid for any sewing.  I did manage to cut out a pattern to sew for my Kaye Wiggs Nelly, but after ironing on the interfacing for the bodice, I couldn't stand the sweat pouring down my face and decided to stop.  I think I want to sell this one.  She is almost as tall as my SDs, but her proportions are more child-like than adult.  The only doll she can stand beside without looking out of place is her sister Brooke (a Kaye Wiggs Layla). 

Green for Nelly this time, because my Kaye Wiggs girls always seem to
end up wearing pink!  I'm making just the dress from Gracefaerie's
#54 Afternoon of a Faun pattern.
I  was hoping to buy a Kaye Wiggs Fair Elf Tillie on Sunday.  Jpopdolls advertised the sale of extra dolls.  I made sure to be on the website at the appointed time, put Tillie in my shopping cart, then discovered that I had not changed my address at Jpopdolls.  It took only a minute to do, but by the time I finished the allotment of sale dolls was all gone.  Must have been a really small allotment.  Either that or a lot of collectors with mad typing skills.  When I feel hurried or agitated, my fingers go every which way but on the keys where I want them to go.  Alas, no Tillie for me.

Compensation for the missed Tillie came later in the day when, while browsing e-bay, I came across an Iplehouse SID Soo for sale.  The auction was drawing to a close with no bids, so I decided to keep an eye on it.  I went about my business, only checking back every now and then.  Still no bids.  Not that I had any business buying another big doll at this time, but my dolly fairy godmother must have led me here for a purpose.  Standing on my shoulder, whispering, "Bid, bid, bid..."  (Or was she saying, "Bad, bad, bad..."?)  What could I do?  I bid on her.  Look for her in next week's post.

I'll have to sell several more dolls to make up for my indulgence.  I'm thinking U-noa Chibi Roron, my Iplehouse EID Lahela (gorgeous, but too much doll for me), and maybe Elfdolls Sooah and Soah.  Not this week, obviously.  First I have to find or take photos, then I must make sure I have all the bits and pieces that came with each doll.  Look for shipping cartons, of course, and dig up all the pertinent information about each.  Selling is a job in itself.

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  1. You bought more dolls? You make me smile. :-) You are too much fun.