Sunday, July 1, 2012

Siean is Here

OMG, I got home Thursday and there was a huge box on the front porch. My mail carrier left it there! It was standing on end, so you could see it from the street. Thank goodness I live in a safe neighborhood or it would have walked away. The box was really heavy, unusually so for a doll. Turns out most of the weight is in the box itself.  It’s like the doll arrived in a safe.

That said, she is awesome! She came with gorgeous green glass eyes. I had bought a pair of blue eyes in case I didn’t like the default, but now I’ll just save them for another doll.  I love her faceup!

Siean wearing EID-size Goddess Gown and a dark red wig
from LeekeWorld.  She is an elf, hence the pointed ears,
which you can almost see in this photo.
Her hands are so delicate! I might give her some nail color to emphasize them. I bought high heel feet separately, because the basic doll comes with flat feet only. Conversely, if you buy the full set, you get heel feet only.  Either way, she has lovely feet.  Fairyland ships Feeple65 with the head in a separate box. You slip the head-back onto the neck and turn a resin knob that locks it into place. Then you put the faceplate on. I suspect she’ll be a bear to restring, because I couldn’t see any strings. It’s nice that the strings are hidden, but how do you get at them? Thank goodness there is an accompanying manual.

Balanced precariously in high heels and without a stand,
Siean is wearing a Dollzone Silverado wig, Gracefaerie's
Takeshita-dori skirt and blouse, and Soom shoes.
No two ways about it, she’s got a big head.  I tried on wigs Thursday night.  None of the 8-9 Iplehouse wigs fit.  She probably wears a 9-10 in a structured wig.  I was able to fit some 8-9 wigs on her that had some stretch built in – mostly Monique and Jpop -- although she is able to wear a Dollzone and a Leeke World without too much stretch.  It’s a good thing I didn’t buy a wig especially for her, because I would have bought the wrong size.  Now I know what to shop for.

There's that elf ear peeking through.  I love her profile.

I had read that Feeple65 are able to wear Iplehouse SID clothing.  Sure enough, Siean is able to wear Zera’s red sweater and “black” (i.e., brown) leggings.  She’s got a huge chest that will be a challenge to dress. Unfortunately, Fairyland doesn’t offer a choice of bust sizes like IH does.  We tried on the Goddess Gown that I bought for EID Lahela.  It's a good fit.  On Lahela, the lacing up the back exposes much of her back, while on Siean the back of the dress closes almost completely.  A skirt and blouse from Gracefaerie's #10 Takeshita-dori pattern was a surprising fit.  I didn't expect the outfit to fit at all, as I made it originally for Elfdoll Sooah.  Today I spent some time rooting through my fabric stash to see what fabric I can use to make another.  One with long sleeves this time.

Gathering my other Fairyland elves on her lap: Zoe, Pupu, Soso, Kaka, and Ante.
Littlefees Lishe and Shiwoo had to sit this one out because they have human ears.

I got another surprise when we finally tried on shoes.  I had read that Iplehouse shoes for EID and SID fit, so I didn't try them on.  Instead we tried on some high heels from Dale Rae.  They were actually a little big, so will work when I want her to wear stockings.  The best fit came from a pair of shoes from Soom.  I can't remember which size they are, because Soom sells this shoe in several sizes.  I'm thinking it was Super Gem.  I'll have to go look at their website.

All she needs now is a name.  I'm toying with Morgana or Miranda.  Or Sinead or Sorcha.  I would keep it Siean if only I knew how to pronounce it.

Goddess Gown (my e-bay purchase) is a perfect fit. 
The fabric is stretchy and the dress laces up the back,
so it accommodates variations in body build.


  1. She's gorgeous! And left on the porch?! Aack!!

  2. Great photos! My gosh...Santa comes to your house weekly.

  3. She's gorgeous! And I believe the pronunciation would be close to She-aun.

  4. Oh my goodness! She's so pretty!

  5. She is amazing!! I can only imagine how incredibly dynamic she is in person.