Sunday, July 29, 2012

In One Door and Out the Other

You may recall my mentioning that I had purchased an Iplehouse SID Soo on e-bay.  Soo is one of those dolls that I didn't know I wanted until I saw owner photos on Den of Angels.  Her photos on Iple's website didn't grab me, especially faceup C.  I'm not a fan of the red lips.  They may be the current makeup rage, but they remind me of the Forties and Fifties.  Not my favorite decades for fashion, including makeup.

SID Soo, Faceup C.  Photos do not show how very red her blush is.
The wig colors that worked best with her high coloring were pure
white and black.
The reason I mention faceup C is because the Soo I acquired has it.  It's funny, but her sale photos on e-bay didn't seem so red.  She was shown wearing the same dress as in the Iplehouse photos, but with dark hair.  She looked great.  Once I got her home and opened the box, she looked very red.  Not only the lips, but the blush as well.  It seemed to be everywhere.  I dressed her, I took photos, I tried very hard to love her, but it wasn't happening.

Meanwhile, there stood Lahela, a gorgeous doll on a body that is really too much for me.  Every time I think of the eventual need to restring her, I shudder.  I know I don't have the arm strength to do it.  Nor do I find the larger Iplehouse body as aesthetically pleasing.  It's...well, it's BIG.  I thought that at 65 cm. she would work with the SID guys, who are the same height.  But it only works if Lahela is not wearing heels.  With high heels, she is taller as well as bigger than the guys.  Iplehouse doesn't make flats for its big girls, only heels.  What to do?

SID Shane with EID Lahela.  Too much woman for him to handle?
Finally it hit me.  Switch heads.  Put Lahela's head on the SID body and Soo's head on the EID body.  I knew it would work, because in addition to its basic and limited dolls, Iplehouse also sells dolls through a Custom Doll System, where the buyer can select an SID, EID or nYID body with any one of the female heads available in those three sizes.  It doesn't work for the male dolls.  An EID male head on an SID male body looks like a bobblehead.  An SID male head on an EID male body looks like a pinhead.  So Iple doesn't even make the choice possible.  But for the ladies, yes!

SID Lahela.  She has some very rosy blush of her own,
but her lip color keeps it from overwhelming her.

Now that I have resized my two girls, I have listed EID Soo on the Den of Angels marketplace.  I still want an SID Soo someday, but I want her with faceup A.  It's delicate and sweet--a far cry from the sultry red lips of faceup C.  Faceup A may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's mine, and I can wait for her until the time is right.

EID Soo.  Her face is wider than Lahela's, which makes
the EID body a comfortable choice for her.


  1. At first, I really liked SID Soo's red lips but after seeing SID Lahela's pale lips....I think you are right. I like those better.

  2. I love the lips and think her face does suit the body - ooh for some cash to buy her!