Sunday, July 8, 2012

F65 Siean and SID Zera

Let's face it, when two girls can (and do) wear the same clothes, some sort of comparison is in order, whether they be human or dolls.  So this week I give you Fairyland's Feeple65 Siean and Iplehouse SID Zera.  (It could as easily have been SID Soo, Eva or Cherie, except I don't have any of them.  See?  And you thought I had every Iplehouse doll ever made.  Not so.)

Last week I featured Siean wearing a skirt and blouse made from Gracefaerie's Takeshita-dori pattern.  It had never occurred to me to try that outfit on Zera, or Zofia, as she is known in this house.  So this week I switched their outfits.  Siean got to wear Iple's Miss Holiday blouse and Mapin wrinkle skirt, while Zofia tried on the Takeshita-dori set.

Siean daydreaming

I admit that I am not one-hundred percent pleased with the fit of the Mapin skirt on Siean.  Despite an elastic waist, the skirt is loose.  I noticed the same thing last week with the Takeshita-dori skirt, which has snaps rather than elastic.  Luckily, the blouse in each case is made to be worn over the skirt, so a little extra fabric at the waist is not a problem.

Siean strains the tops of both outfits.  Those are some generously sized ta-tas she has there.  Both tops are a much better fit on Zofia, whom I ordered with a small bust.  I ordered some crinkle gauze this past week from  When it arrives, I plan to make another Takeshita-dori, this time taking into account Siean's need for a little more fabric in the top and a little better fit in the waist.

Zofia the tree hugger

Siean is wearing a new wig this week.  This is Iple's L035 in Saddle brown, size 9-10.  I ordered another wig for her, this time a dark blonde from Soom.  I'll report on the fit when it arrives.

Zofia is wearing a wig that is new to her.  It's Jpopdolls' Taiki, a discontinued style in winter blonde that looks nice on both male and female dolls.

Back indoors to get away from the wind

This was my first time trying to photograph dolls in the front yard of my new house.  The landscape is somewhat limiting, as I have an overabundance of weeds and little time to pull them.  I can't escape the feeling that I should be weeding instead of blogging, but there you have it.  I'd rather blog.

Girl talk

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  1. Great photos! I agree about the weeding....