Sunday, July 29, 2012

In One Door and Out the Other

You may recall my mentioning that I had purchased an Iplehouse SID Soo on e-bay.  Soo is one of those dolls that I didn't know I wanted until I saw owner photos on Den of Angels.  Her photos on Iple's website didn't grab me, especially faceup C.  I'm not a fan of the red lips.  They may be the current makeup rage, but they remind me of the Forties and Fifties.  Not my favorite decades for fashion, including makeup.

SID Soo, Faceup C.  Photos do not show how very red her blush is.
The wig colors that worked best with her high coloring were pure
white and black.
The reason I mention faceup C is because the Soo I acquired has it.  It's funny, but her sale photos on e-bay didn't seem so red.  She was shown wearing the same dress as in the Iplehouse photos, but with dark hair.  She looked great.  Once I got her home and opened the box, she looked very red.  Not only the lips, but the blush as well.  It seemed to be everywhere.  I dressed her, I took photos, I tried very hard to love her, but it wasn't happening.

Meanwhile, there stood Lahela, a gorgeous doll on a body that is really too much for me.  Every time I think of the eventual need to restring her, I shudder.  I know I don't have the arm strength to do it.  Nor do I find the larger Iplehouse body as aesthetically pleasing.  It's...well, it's BIG.  I thought that at 65 cm. she would work with the SID guys, who are the same height.  But it only works if Lahela is not wearing heels.  With high heels, she is taller as well as bigger than the guys.  Iplehouse doesn't make flats for its big girls, only heels.  What to do?

SID Shane with EID Lahela.  Too much woman for him to handle?
Finally it hit me.  Switch heads.  Put Lahela's head on the SID body and Soo's head on the EID body.  I knew it would work, because in addition to its basic and limited dolls, Iplehouse also sells dolls through a Custom Doll System, where the buyer can select an SID, EID or nYID body with any one of the female heads available in those three sizes.  It doesn't work for the male dolls.  An EID male head on an SID male body looks like a bobblehead.  An SID male head on an EID male body looks like a pinhead.  So Iple doesn't even make the choice possible.  But for the ladies, yes!

SID Lahela.  She has some very rosy blush of her own,
but her lip color keeps it from overwhelming her.

Now that I have resized my two girls, I have listed EID Soo on the Den of Angels marketplace.  I still want an SID Soo someday, but I want her with faceup A.  It's delicate and sweet--a far cry from the sultry red lips of faceup C.  Faceup A may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's mine, and I can wait for her until the time is right.

EID Soo.  Her face is wider than Lahela's, which makes
the EID body a comfortable choice for her.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Summer Dress for Nelly

The dress I began working on last week is finished.  As always, the bodice was the most complicated and took the longest, even though it looks very simple.  There are more pieces, they are smaller, and they need to fit together just so in order to fit the doll properly.  Although the dress pattern is sleeveless, from the beginning I intended to add shoulder straps.  The dress was so plain otherwise.  I knew just the trim I was going to use.  Because it was somewhat delicate, I planned to back it with a piece of color coordinated ribbon.  The colors were just right.  It was going to be perfect.  Now where did I last see that trim?

The condo is where I last saw it.  The sewing room is set up differently at the house, so I opened a lot of boxes looking for that yellow and green trim.  When I finally found it, I was surprised to see how little of it there was left.  When did I use the rest of it?  And on what?  I can't for the life of me remember sewing anything green and yellow, but obviously I did.  (I now suspect it was a dress I remade for Unoa Chibi Lilin.  I'm embarrassed to think how long ago that was!)

But for now I had a sundress to trim.  Going through my stash again, I found a vintage piece of trim with cotton lace already attached.  I think I bought that trim in the 1970s when I was making clothespin dolls.  Not the exact shades of green and yellow I wanted, but close enough.  I finished the bodice, tried it on Nelly, and then turned happily to the skirt.

For me the skirt is always the quickest, easiest part of the dress to make.  This one has only two pattern pieces.  I was breezing right along, thinking I would finish this in no time, when I came across the direction to join front to back with French seams.  French seams?  Are you kidding me?  I never French seamed anything in my life!  When my blood pressure returned to normal, I calmly read through the remaining directions.  Just like a pillowcase, they promised.  Resisting the urge to go turn the nearest pillowcase inside-out for a quick look, I took the directions step-by-step.  The result was not bad at all.  It seems to me that the encased seams should have been tacked down with an extra row of stitches, but perhaps I am confusing a shirt seam with a pillowcase seam.

Whatever its shortcomings, Nelly is very pleased with the dress.  I succumbed to the urge to change her eyes to green and give her a blonde wig with green clips to hold the hair off her face.  We went outdoors to take photos, taking advantage of the varying shades of green planted in front of my house.  I had been contemplating offering Nelly for sale (real estate taxes are due and I am chronically short of cash) but seeing her in her new outfit I can't do it.  Someone else will have to go in her place.  (Look for Unoa Chibi Roron on the Den of Angels Marketplace.)

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Week in Dolls

This weekend saw the arrival of two orders.  One was from Soom (Korea) for a wig, a pair of eyes, and shoes, all for Siean.  I haven't taken photos yet.  You'll have to trust me when I say she looks fantastic.  The eyes are a color called Baby Blue Eclipse.  They look lighter in person than they did on the website.  I worried that Siean would look blank or blind, but actually she looks quite ethereal.  The wig is dark blonde, long and slightly wavy.  With the new eyes and wig she reminds me of Galadriel from Lord of the Rings.

The other package contained an order of fabric, also for Siean.  When I opened it, I was disappointed to find that one of the three yards of cotton gauze I ordered was missing.  I checked the packing slip and found the dreaded words:  Out of Stock.  No indication that the fabric will come later.  Wouldn't you know it, this gauze print (tiny blue floral on an ivory ground) was crucial to the outfit I had planned.  I am left with a yard of plain ivory and another of dark blue with a bit of a metallic stripe running through it.  I can work with it, but I really wanted that floral.

The past several days have been too hot and humid for any sewing.  I did manage to cut out a pattern to sew for my Kaye Wiggs Nelly, but after ironing on the interfacing for the bodice, I couldn't stand the sweat pouring down my face and decided to stop.  I think I want to sell this one.  She is almost as tall as my SDs, but her proportions are more child-like than adult.  The only doll she can stand beside without looking out of place is her sister Brooke (a Kaye Wiggs Layla). 

Green for Nelly this time, because my Kaye Wiggs girls always seem to
end up wearing pink!  I'm making just the dress from Gracefaerie's
#54 Afternoon of a Faun pattern.
I  was hoping to buy a Kaye Wiggs Fair Elf Tillie on Sunday.  Jpopdolls advertised the sale of extra dolls.  I made sure to be on the website at the appointed time, put Tillie in my shopping cart, then discovered that I had not changed my address at Jpopdolls.  It took only a minute to do, but by the time I finished the allotment of sale dolls was all gone.  Must have been a really small allotment.  Either that or a lot of collectors with mad typing skills.  When I feel hurried or agitated, my fingers go every which way but on the keys where I want them to go.  Alas, no Tillie for me.

Compensation for the missed Tillie came later in the day when, while browsing e-bay, I came across an Iplehouse SID Soo for sale.  The auction was drawing to a close with no bids, so I decided to keep an eye on it.  I went about my business, only checking back every now and then.  Still no bids.  Not that I had any business buying another big doll at this time, but my dolly fairy godmother must have led me here for a purpose.  Standing on my shoulder, whispering, "Bid, bid, bid..."  (Or was she saying, "Bad, bad, bad..."?)  What could I do?  I bid on her.  Look for her in next week's post.

I'll have to sell several more dolls to make up for my indulgence.  I'm thinking U-noa Chibi Roron, my Iplehouse EID Lahela (gorgeous, but too much doll for me), and maybe Elfdolls Sooah and Soah.  Not this week, obviously.  First I have to find or take photos, then I must make sure I have all the bits and pieces that came with each doll.  Look for shipping cartons, of course, and dig up all the pertinent information about each.  Selling is a job in itself.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

F65 Siean and SID Zera

Let's face it, when two girls can (and do) wear the same clothes, some sort of comparison is in order, whether they be human or dolls.  So this week I give you Fairyland's Feeple65 Siean and Iplehouse SID Zera.  (It could as easily have been SID Soo, Eva or Cherie, except I don't have any of them.  See?  And you thought I had every Iplehouse doll ever made.  Not so.)

Last week I featured Siean wearing a skirt and blouse made from Gracefaerie's Takeshita-dori pattern.  It had never occurred to me to try that outfit on Zera, or Zofia, as she is known in this house.  So this week I switched their outfits.  Siean got to wear Iple's Miss Holiday blouse and Mapin wrinkle skirt, while Zofia tried on the Takeshita-dori set.

Siean daydreaming

I admit that I am not one-hundred percent pleased with the fit of the Mapin skirt on Siean.  Despite an elastic waist, the skirt is loose.  I noticed the same thing last week with the Takeshita-dori skirt, which has snaps rather than elastic.  Luckily, the blouse in each case is made to be worn over the skirt, so a little extra fabric at the waist is not a problem.

Siean strains the tops of both outfits.  Those are some generously sized ta-tas she has there.  Both tops are a much better fit on Zofia, whom I ordered with a small bust.  I ordered some crinkle gauze this past week from  When it arrives, I plan to make another Takeshita-dori, this time taking into account Siean's need for a little more fabric in the top and a little better fit in the waist.

Zofia the tree hugger

Siean is wearing a new wig this week.  This is Iple's L035 in Saddle brown, size 9-10.  I ordered another wig for her, this time a dark blonde from Soom.  I'll report on the fit when it arrives.

Zofia is wearing a wig that is new to her.  It's Jpopdolls' Taiki, a discontinued style in winter blonde that looks nice on both male and female dolls.

Back indoors to get away from the wind

This was my first time trying to photograph dolls in the front yard of my new house.  The landscape is somewhat limiting, as I have an overabundance of weeds and little time to pull them.  I can't escape the feeling that I should be weeding instead of blogging, but there you have it.  I'd rather blog.

Girl talk

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Siean is Here

OMG, I got home Thursday and there was a huge box on the front porch. My mail carrier left it there! It was standing on end, so you could see it from the street. Thank goodness I live in a safe neighborhood or it would have walked away. The box was really heavy, unusually so for a doll. Turns out most of the weight is in the box itself.  It’s like the doll arrived in a safe.

That said, she is awesome! She came with gorgeous green glass eyes. I had bought a pair of blue eyes in case I didn’t like the default, but now I’ll just save them for another doll.  I love her faceup!

Siean wearing EID-size Goddess Gown and a dark red wig
from LeekeWorld.  She is an elf, hence the pointed ears,
which you can almost see in this photo.
Her hands are so delicate! I might give her some nail color to emphasize them. I bought high heel feet separately, because the basic doll comes with flat feet only. Conversely, if you buy the full set, you get heel feet only.  Either way, she has lovely feet.  Fairyland ships Feeple65 with the head in a separate box. You slip the head-back onto the neck and turn a resin knob that locks it into place. Then you put the faceplate on. I suspect she’ll be a bear to restring, because I couldn’t see any strings. It’s nice that the strings are hidden, but how do you get at them? Thank goodness there is an accompanying manual.

Balanced precariously in high heels and without a stand,
Siean is wearing a Dollzone Silverado wig, Gracefaerie's
Takeshita-dori skirt and blouse, and Soom shoes.
No two ways about it, she’s got a big head.  I tried on wigs Thursday night.  None of the 8-9 Iplehouse wigs fit.  She probably wears a 9-10 in a structured wig.  I was able to fit some 8-9 wigs on her that had some stretch built in – mostly Monique and Jpop -- although she is able to wear a Dollzone and a Leeke World without too much stretch.  It’s a good thing I didn’t buy a wig especially for her, because I would have bought the wrong size.  Now I know what to shop for.

There's that elf ear peeking through.  I love her profile.

I had read that Feeple65 are able to wear Iplehouse SID clothing.  Sure enough, Siean is able to wear Zera’s red sweater and “black” (i.e., brown) leggings.  She’s got a huge chest that will be a challenge to dress. Unfortunately, Fairyland doesn’t offer a choice of bust sizes like IH does.  We tried on the Goddess Gown that I bought for EID Lahela.  It's a good fit.  On Lahela, the lacing up the back exposes much of her back, while on Siean the back of the dress closes almost completely.  A skirt and blouse from Gracefaerie's #10 Takeshita-dori pattern was a surprising fit.  I didn't expect the outfit to fit at all, as I made it originally for Elfdoll Sooah.  Today I spent some time rooting through my fabric stash to see what fabric I can use to make another.  One with long sleeves this time.

Gathering my other Fairyland elves on her lap: Zoe, Pupu, Soso, Kaka, and Ante.
Littlefees Lishe and Shiwoo had to sit this one out because they have human ears.

I got another surprise when we finally tried on shoes.  I had read that Iplehouse shoes for EID and SID fit, so I didn't try them on.  Instead we tried on some high heels from Dale Rae.  They were actually a little big, so will work when I want her to wear stockings.  The best fit came from a pair of shoes from Soom.  I can't remember which size they are, because Soom sells this shoe in several sizes.  I'm thinking it was Super Gem.  I'll have to go look at their website.

All she needs now is a name.  I'm toying with Morgana or Miranda.  Or Sinead or Sorcha.  I would keep it Siean if only I knew how to pronounce it.

Goddess Gown (my e-bay purchase) is a perfect fit. 
The fabric is stretchy and the dress laces up the back,
so it accommodates variations in body build.