Sunday, June 10, 2012

June BJD Meet-Up in Vermont

Technically, I suppose that should be a meet-up of doll collectors.  However, as the BJDs outnumbered the collectors by nearly 4-to-1, I'm leaving the title as it stands.

I love meet-ups, even when there are only 2 or 3 collectors present.  Think of it as shopping with no commitment to buy.  I get to see dolls in the flesh (in the resin?) that I don't collect.  Sometimes I am even motivated to go home and order a doll I've just seen.  It didn't happen this time, although I brought my own Fairyland Realpuki Soso after admiring Modern Wizard's Soso at other meets.

After missing the previous meet-up (someone forgot to notify me), I was happy finally to see some Volks SDs and a Yo-SD.  New Volks dolls are difficult for Westerners to buy, requiring either a trip to Japan or the use of a buyer's agent in Japan, or else a trip to the US store in Los Angeles.  It's a little easier to acquire a new or previously-loved doll on the secondary market from Den of Angels or e-bay, but be prepared to shell out big bucks.  Currently on e-bay there is an SD-16 Megu for just under $2,000 (love her but can't afford), an SD-16 girl Ami Ayase Tokyo limited for $5,000 (love her even more but forget it!) and an SD-13 Doll Party limited head for a mere $1,600.  And I thought Iplehouse dolls were expensive!

Lyrajean's dolls:  A U-noa Sist and 4 Volks BJDs:  a Yo-SD
and 3 SDs.  (Will update when I get the particulars.)

I was also glad that Modern Wizard brought her newest Soom couple again, because I had only seen photos.  They were smaller than I imagined, closer to Barbie size.  The transparent resin wings were very effective at conveying the ethereal quality of fairies.

Modern Wizard's Soom Faery Sprites: Kremer (whom she has
named Flower) and Aenigma (who goes by Ginevra)

I gave Iplehouse YID Harin an outing, but first I had to make slight alterations to her dress.  I originally made it for Oasisdoll Natalie, who is a bit taller and larger.  Natalie recently went to a new home, so I took in a few snaps to make the dress fit Harin better.  I need to adjust her choker, as it is still loose.

My Iplehouse YID Harin

My three Realpukis contributed more than their share of merriment to the gathering.  I wonder what Kaka and Pupu mean in Korean?  Did their sculptor realize what images the names would conjure up in English?  Probably not.

Soso, Kaka and Pupu climbing on Volks SDs.

The next meet-up is two months away, time enough--I hope--for one or both of my current orders to arrive.  If not, there are still a few dolls at Resin Corner who have not had the opportunity to attend a meet-up.

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  1. I love when you girls have meetups. The pictures are great. I'm looking forward to next month's pictures.