Monday, May 28, 2012

Unpacking Dolls and Getting Organized

I couldn't stand it any longer.  Despite the remaining stacks of boxes in the basement, and the fact that I still haven't found the wastebaskets and toilet cleaning brushes for the bathrooms, I had to start unboxing dolls.

I started with the big Iplehouse boxes, knowing they contained not only the Iplehouse dolls but also some smaller doll boxes packed to fill up the extra space.  One of the boxes was surprisingly heavy.  Imagine my chagrin when I opened it and found a stack of doll magazines!  I expressly told the movers the box contents were fragile and not to stack them any more than 3 boxes high or to put anything heavy on top of them.  And what do I get?  Forty magazines stuffed into one box!  Forty!  Granted magazines today are slimmer than they used to be, but even 20 would have been too many.  Luckily the dolls beneath the stack were unharmed.

Before unpacking any dolls, I gave a lot of thought to where in the new house I could display them safely.  I have already had greening issues with some of the Iplehouse real skin resin.  There is no reversing the process in the two dolls affected, but at least I can take preventive measures with the others.

As it happens, the new house has a walk-in closet in the master bedroom.  It's not a huge closet.  Then again, I don't have a huge amount of clothing.  With my clothes taking up no more than half the available space, I saw an opportunity to turn the other half into a display/storage area.  I placed two folding bookcases against one wall.  The top shelves serve as display space, while the lower shelves hold plastic totes containing wigs, shoes and clothing.

One of the dressers in the bedroom is protected from the sun's direct rays, so I am using the top of it to showcase additional dolls.  This is nowhere near the amount of display space I need given the number of dolls I have.  The dolls will have to content themselves with taking turns in the limelight.

Meanwhile, the craft room in the basement is unpacked but not yet organized sufficiently for use.  I have a feeling that it will look messy no matter how I try to organize it.  The problem is it lacks a closet.  Everything is in full view.  Right now I can't afford to buy or build storage units.  I'm lucky to have the 3 mismatched, sagging bookcases that used to live in the basement of my condo.  They will do for now, even as I dream of how the room will eventually look when I pull it all together.


  1. I'm so glad you've been able to start unpacking and displaying your dolls! It's great to get to see them again.

  2. That makes me mad about the movers not listening to you. are the one paying them. Oh well, the dolls were unharmed and that is what matters. Glad to see you are making progress on unpacking.

    PS. Google has to be freaking kidding me with the words they are giving me to type in today.....I have to keep asking for new words. :-)