Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mr. Captain for SID

Freedom Teller now makes clothing to fit Iplehouse SID guys.  If you are not familiar with Freedom Teller, think classic tailoring and fabulous fit.  If you are into grunge, this is not the outfitter for you.  On the other hand, if you love traditional menswear but hate the idea of trying to sew it yourself, you've come to the right place.

Normally I wouldn't spend this much money on an outfit for a doll.  (For the record, I don't spend this much money on an outfit for me.)  How much money?  I'm not saying.  Go to Freedom Teller's website and see for yourself.  So what made me take the plunge?  Mr. Captain is an airline captain's uniform.  I schedule our company's airplane, so buying this outfit was a no brainer.

I picked Jamie (Iplehouse Claude) to model it, because he hasn't had anything new for a while.  Shane got the last outfit.  It's Jamie's turn.  And a fine captain he makes, too.  The set consists of a pair of off-white pants, a white short-sleeved shirt with epaulets, a jacket, a striped silk tie, a hat, and removable pilot's wings so you can pin them to either the jacket or the shirt.  There are also two spare buttons, one for the jacket and one for the shirt.  The hat was available in either white or navy.  I picked white.  There are no shoes with the outfit, and no belt.  The only belt I had on hand was black.  I felt it didn't go with the brown shoes, so I left it off.

The outfit fits like a glove without being too snug.  The pants are roomy enough to tuck in the shirt, which is tapered for a close fit.  I wondered how the hat would fit over a wig but there was no problem over a short, head-hugging wig.  I didn't try it with a bulkier wig.

I am really happy with the quality and fit of this outfit and wouldn't hesitate to buy from Freedom Teller again.  They also plan a line of clothing for SID women.  I can hardly wait!


  1. Wow...the detail is very impressive. I love the little tie. BTW, is that what Norris wears when he flies the plane?

  2. I usually see him when he's off duty. The few times I've seen him dressed for flight, his shirt is the same, but he wears dark pants. I don't know if I've seen his jacket and hat, and don't recall what tie he wears. I'll have to ask him when he gets back.

  3. Oops! I just showed this to Norris and he says two stripes equal a flight attendant. A captain should have four stripes!