Sunday, May 13, 2012

Itching to Start a Face-Up

On the floor just outside my kitchen sits a small box with four cans of MSC.  The reason that these and other aerosol cans and cleaning liquids are readily at hand when everything else is in a limbo of boxes is because the movers wouldn't transport them.  Too dangerous.  That's why I drove from the condo to the new house, a distance of about 15 miles, carrying three freaked-out caged birds (the movers wouldn't take them, either) and a carload of potentially incendiary cans and liquids.

Each time I pass by the MSC, I have the same reaction.  Here I am, unpacking boxes, when what I really want is to do a face-up.  And not just any face-up.  A couple of months ago I purchased a Souldoll Chloe head from a fellow member of Den of Angels (DoA).  Normally I don't buy floating heads, because there is no guarantee I will ever find just the right body for them.  I could buy Chloe a Souldoll body.  The trouble there is that I have had mixed results with Souldoll bodies.  I have yet to find one that behaves as advertised.

I tried to buy the full Chloe doll last year after Souldoll announced that the sculptor was leaving the company and his sculpts would be retired.  I had been admiring her for a while and figured it was my last chance.  Denver Doll was still advertising that it had one in stock.  Of course, by the time I sent in my order, that in-stock doll was sold.  At the time, I took it as an omen that I should buy an Iplehouse doll instead.

Now I find myself with a Chloe head with no face-up and no body.  For the body, I want to buy a ShinyDoll Thaasa III body.  I have seen the Thaasa body (it may be version II) at a couple of doll meet-ups and am very impressed with its posability.  The resin should be a close-enough match, if not exact.  The size should work, too.  Chloe was one of the shorter SoulDouble girls, so the Thaasa's small frame should suit her well.  I am close to completing a couple of sales on DoA, which will give me enough money for the ShinyDoll body.  (That's if Iplehouse doesn't come out with a must-have Limited or Elemental Guardian at the same time.)

I love the look Chloe debuted with.  She was one of Souldoll's Christmas 2010 dolls.  I wish I were a good-enough face-up artist to achieve that same look.  (Minus the cherub sitting on her head.)  The new house cost me more money than I was expecting to spend, however, so sending the head away for an artist face-up is out of the question.  Besides, I want to play around with it and see what I come up with.

Chloe as she appeared in Souldoll's advertising

So far I have the head, the MSC, rubber gloves, a mask, and one set of pastels.  I still need to find my colored pencils, along with my artist brushes, foam applicators, and various other small tools.  The movers labeled everything from my craft room as Craft Room and stacked them all in the same area of the basement.  Even so, I'll have to open every box until I find what I'm looking for.

I know where the sewing machine is.  It's sitting in the middle of the table where I usually sew.  The trouble is that the table is surrounded by boxes.  So, no sewing yet.  Luckily, I have the bobbin cover, which popped off the machine as the movers were loading it.  I heard it fall and grabbed it quickly before someone could step on it.  It's plastic.  It wouldn't have survived being trod on by movers carrying heavy stuff out of the condo.  Another omen.  It's time to get back to work.

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  1. You are lucky that you caught that bobbin cover! Besides you don't need to spend your doll money on have other things you want to buy.