Sunday, April 8, 2012

More Realpuki Cuteness

Thanks to fellow blogger bearpicnic, I now have knit pants and an elfin knit hat for my Realpukis.  That gave me the impetus I needed to finish the two outfits (we can't be seen wearing only pants, now, can we?) and make one more.  While I was at it, I also toyed with making wigs.  Only one of my efforts was worth photographing.  This is a project that needs more work.

I had made a pink dress for Peapod a week earlier, but decided she needed pants, too.  I took Sherry O'Brien's Jack-O Lantern pattern for Little Fees and reduced the pattern pieces for the knit top and tights.  Not being sure what size I needed to make the pieces, I reduced the pattern 3 times and started sewing. 

The large pattern pieces are those that fit Little Fees.  The smaller pattern
pieces are the ones I finally used to produce the outfits my Realpukis are
wearing.  The outfits pictured are the ones that didn't fit.
The first pair of tights, from the smallest reduction, wouldn't go on, although the top fit.  Sort of.  It was really tight.  I went to the next larger reduction and tried again.  This time the top was good, except for the sleeve length, so I shortened the sleeves.  The tights were still too tight.  They were also too long.  Hmm.  I made tights from the largest of the reductions.  They fit around the waist and seat, but were way too long.  That's when it hit me -- I would cut them off to fit as leggings.  As this outfit was for Peapod, I added a lace skirt to the bottom of the knit top, a little lace flower decoration, and finally, a sort of hat/headband.

"You didn't think I could wear those little things, did you?"
As I already had the knit pants for Tickle and Bubbles, all I needed were tops.  Using the same pattern, I made a blue top for Tickle and a yellow one for Bubbles.  Just for variety, I made the yellow top sleeveless.  Now that they were all dressed and presentable, I thought it would be fun if they dropped in unannounced upon their Fairyland cousins.

Tickle's wig is made from a piece of fringe.  It reminds me of a
shag rug and suggested the name Rugamuffins for my little gang.

Unaware that the Rugamuffins are lurking.  Little Shiwoo in the foreground,
 Little Fee Ante Elf, Little Fee Lishe, and Pukifee Zoe on the chair.

"Now that we have everyone's attention, may we introduce ourselves?"

"Nice to meet you, Tickle."

As soon as no one is looking, the Rugamuffin gang start getting
into stuff.


  1. Cute photos. I have no idea how you can sew such little outfits. I love the tiny furniture too.

  2. Oh my! I'm so glad I only introduced one realpuki to my family so far...they can be a handful ;)

  3. I ordered my very first doll some days ago, realpuki Soso. And this waiting time is killing me so i though i'd sew her some clothes while waiting, so i wont sit and count every day until she arrives and so she doesn’t have to be naked when i pack her up...

    Now to the part that made me find your blog (and im gonna keep following it), i have no doll to try my clothes on, im not sure if i got the measurements right, im not the king of sewing and google is my best friend. So i found your blog and here i am. I think you are reeeaaaally good at sewing tiny things and i wounder if you have any tips or tricks for me? =D Or even better, patterns/ templates for anything, everything that can belong in my realpuki’s wardrobe! i would really appreachiate it. (I have already begun sewing and my stockings got smaller then the pants i made, the backside of one shirt got way bigger then the frontside and the tiny socks couldn't hardly fit a pencil...)