Sunday, April 29, 2012


Good-bye to the old Resin Corner:

Hello to the new Resin Corner:

Moving day is Wednesday.  Be back soon.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Packing Up Resin Corner

Note:  That's packing UP, not packing IN.  Resin Corner is moving, not ending.  After four years of living in a condo, BallJointed Woman has had it and is moving to an honest-to-goodness house.  We're not going far, maybe fifteen miles or so up the road.  A little bit closer to Canada, but still in the U.S.  I must be feeling the tug of the umbilical cord, because each of my moves brings me closer to the place of my birth.  I doubt I'll cross the border, however, as my command of French is in the toilet.  (For those of you using a translation program, for whom the previous sentence makes little or no sense, it means that I no longer have quite the same command of the language as I once had.)

Usually a display of dolls, now a staging area for doll stands and boxes.

Needless to say, I have done no sewing lately.  There are projects cut out and ready for the sewing machine.  They will have to wait a little longer.  My models have all taken refuge in their boxes.  Even though I have professional movers coming to pack my belongings, I didn't think they would take quite the same care of my dolls as I would.  The boxes with the cut-out foam and inserts would probably drive them mad.  Besides which, packing and moving is sweaty work.  I don't want dirty fingerprints all over my resin, thank you very much.  Nor do I want to overhear dirty jokes at the expense of my anatomically correct boys and girls.

Big Iple House boxes.  These are much larger than the doll boxes
they contain, so I am filling in the extra spaces with small dolls
and bubblewrap.  Lots and lots of bubblewrap.

I'm glad I kept most of my original shipping cartons.  They will provide added protection in transit.  Nevertheless, I will need to supervise the loading of boxes in the truck to make sure the dolls don't end up under heavy boxes of books.  Some of the boxes may be big, but the contents are still fragile.  I considered transporting the dolls myself, but there are too many of them.  Nor do I want them spending the day in the car while I close first on the condo and later on the house.  If the weather turns sultry, a locked car will not be the best place for them.  And let's not even mention potential thieves!

More big Iple House boxes.

I wish I had sold a few more dolls before moving.  It would have meant fewer boxes to move.  There is still time for a sale.  The only question is, can I locate the box with the right doll in it at a moment's notice?  I think I know where everybody is.  Well, almost everybody...  Perhaps I'd better shift the for-sale dolls to a different part of the condo.  Pardon me while I go move some boxes...

Some of these shipping cartons are empty.  What would I do if
I didn't have a basement for storage?  (Does this photo remind
anyone of the final scene of the first Indiana Jones movie?)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Count and the Goddess (Iplehouse Shane and Lahela)

Shane and Carleen (Lahela) have new outfits, so I thought I would set up a photo shoot and see what developed.

Shane's outfit is from Iplehouse.  It consists of black pants, boots, a white ruffled shirt, and a Dracula-esque cloak.  I completed his look with a new white wig. 

Carleen's dress was a lucky find on eBay.  I hadn't been there for a look in ages.  I searched the term Iplehouse and came across a gorgeous dress called a "Goddess Gown" by Karen Jordan of Canada.  The bidding period had less than an hour left and--amazingly--there were no bids.  What else could I do?  I bid, of course, then anxiously watched the clock run out.  Mine!  Canada Post being Canada Post (i.e., slow), I thought I would have a good long wait for the package to arrive so I was pleasantly surprised when it showed up quickly.  Carleen loves it.  I made her a tiara from a piece of trim in metallic antique gold.  Black pumps, which you can't see because of the length of the dress, completed the outfit.

Here they are, and for once I am going to let the photos do the talking.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

More Realpuki Cuteness

Thanks to fellow blogger bearpicnic, I now have knit pants and an elfin knit hat for my Realpukis.  That gave me the impetus I needed to finish the two outfits (we can't be seen wearing only pants, now, can we?) and make one more.  While I was at it, I also toyed with making wigs.  Only one of my efforts was worth photographing.  This is a project that needs more work.

I had made a pink dress for Peapod a week earlier, but decided she needed pants, too.  I took Sherry O'Brien's Jack-O Lantern pattern for Little Fees and reduced the pattern pieces for the knit top and tights.  Not being sure what size I needed to make the pieces, I reduced the pattern 3 times and started sewing. 

The large pattern pieces are those that fit Little Fees.  The smaller pattern
pieces are the ones I finally used to produce the outfits my Realpukis are
wearing.  The outfits pictured are the ones that didn't fit.
The first pair of tights, from the smallest reduction, wouldn't go on, although the top fit.  Sort of.  It was really tight.  I went to the next larger reduction and tried again.  This time the top was good, except for the sleeve length, so I shortened the sleeves.  The tights were still too tight.  They were also too long.  Hmm.  I made tights from the largest of the reductions.  They fit around the waist and seat, but were way too long.  That's when it hit me -- I would cut them off to fit as leggings.  As this outfit was for Peapod, I added a lace skirt to the bottom of the knit top, a little lace flower decoration, and finally, a sort of hat/headband.

"You didn't think I could wear those little things, did you?"
As I already had the knit pants for Tickle and Bubbles, all I needed were tops.  Using the same pattern, I made a blue top for Tickle and a yellow one for Bubbles.  Just for variety, I made the yellow top sleeveless.  Now that they were all dressed and presentable, I thought it would be fun if they dropped in unannounced upon their Fairyland cousins.

Tickle's wig is made from a piece of fringe.  It reminds me of a
shag rug and suggested the name Rugamuffins for my little gang.

Unaware that the Rugamuffins are lurking.  Little Shiwoo in the foreground,
 Little Fee Ante Elf, Little Fee Lishe, and Pukifee Zoe on the chair.

"Now that we have everyone's attention, may we introduce ourselves?"

"Nice to meet you, Tickle."

As soon as no one is looking, the Rugamuffin gang start getting
into stuff.