Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Pink Dress Re-Created

I just couldn't let it sit there.  Not with Nelly looking at me with her sad eyes as if to say, "You were going to make me a dress."  So, I picked apart the pink dress at the waist (might as well save the part of it that works) and remade the top.

I was extremely careful this time to keep my seams to 1/4 inch.  Even so, the dress was a tight squeeze when finished.  Part of this may be due to the fact that the pattern (Petit Nuage, by MHD Designs) was designed for the MSD size Kaye Wiggs girls and I was fitting it to Kaye's SD size girl.  It is designed to be quite long on MSDs, so I knew the length would work for Nelly.

Now that I have a dress that fits, I can go ahead and make the rest of the outfit:  the short coat, hat and purse.  Nelly may not show her pleasure, but she is very, very pleased.

Nelly also has a new wig.  It's a Glamour Light from Jpopdolls.  I bought this one for Carleen, but it came down too low over her eyes, so I gave Carleen the Winter Angel Dark Chocolate (also Jpopdolls) that I bought for Nelly.  Carleen is also wearing new 13 mm Eyeco eyes in Starlit Blue.  The 11 mm eyes she had on in the previous set of photos were a bit too small.

While I was at it, I took the outfit Nelly had been wearing (Sweet Jane, by Adams-Harris Patterns) and tried it on Harin.  I knew it would fit, of course, because the pattern was designed on IpleHouse YID Sylvia.  I just wanted to see it on her.  She certainly fills out the blouse more than Nelly did!

I came across the backdrop while I was sorting things in preparation for my move.  I did iron it, but it has been folded for so long I can't get the creases completely out.  It will make a wonderful background "world" for my Realpukis when they arrive.  One more payment to go, then fingers crossed that they get here before I pick up and move.

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  1. I'm so glad you reworked the dress. It looks lovely!