Sunday, March 4, 2012

Meet Iplehouse Lahela, EID

I tried to post this box opening to Den of Angels for the better part of a half-hour.  I don't know if the problem is with DoA, with Photobucket or with my computer, but every time I add a second photo, the site freezes up on me.  I figure if I can't post it to DoA, I'll post it here.

Although Lahela arrived nearly a week ago, I couldn’t show her off until she was fully dressed.  That’s why the first part of this box opening (photographed the evening of her arrival) stops short of revealing her in all her glory.  But first I enlisted some help to get the box open…

“That’s a big knife, Jamie.”

“It’s a big box.  Besides which, I know who’s inside.  She belongs to me, so back off, cowboy.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“She was promised to me.  End of story.”

“We’ll see about that.  She may prefer me to you, you know.”

"Prefer you?  That's rich!"

"Need I remind you that I am the law around here?"

Boys, just open the box, okay?

“Yes, Ma’am.”
“You think you could lend a hand, Evgeny?  This thing is heavy.”

“Be glad to.  Just leave me out of the whole she’ll-prefer-me thing, okay?”

“Easy for you to say.  Your woman is already here.”

“Not my fault, man.  Blame the factory.”

“Ooh, nice stuff.  I see a vest, boots, a wig, a purse.  Some other stuff with the vest.  But no dress, skirt, or trousers.  She’s going to be cold, especially in this climate…”

Don’t worry, Zofia.  I plan to make her a skirt.  I had to make sure of the color first.

“Oh…  She’s beautiful!”

 A week later, Lahela's skirt is finished.  I'm afraid it's a bit schizophrenic--can't decide if it's Western wear or going on safari.  And another thing:  Lahela has revealed her name to me.  It's Carleen.  No other doll has ever stepped out of the box demanding to be called by name.  I don't know where it came from.  She looked at me and I looked at her and I just knew.  Weird, isn't it?

“Hello, Ma’am.  My name is Shane.  I’m the Sheriff in these parts.”

“You can call me Carleen.  I’ve never met a Sheriff before.”

“I am very pleased to meet you, Miss Carleen.”  Very, very pleased.  Oh man, she is way too beautiful to fall for Jamie.  Please, please let her fall for me.

He's very handsome.  I could easily fall for a guy like him

“Jamie the fair and wonderful, at your service, my dear.  You need look no further, because your knight in shining armor is here.”

Is he for real?  “I’m Carleen.”  Where’s the Sheriff when you need him?

 Maybe if I disguise myself as a blonde, he’ll think I’m someone else and go away.

 I can’t get that sexy Sheriff out of my mind.  What am I to do?

Two beaux.  There are  worse predicaments for a girl to be in.  The Sheriff is my kind of guy, handsome and sweet, but maybe a little too serious.  Perhaps I should give the other one a chance.  It was a wretched pick-up line, but he’s really cute, in a goofy kind of way.

 All wigs by Iplehouse.  Outfits by Iplehouse, with the exception of the men's tee shirts and Carleen's skirt (patterns by Adams Harris).  Accessories, shoes and boots by Iplehouse.  Eyeco eyes.


  1. I love this post! And she is beautiful. I think Carleen suits her much better than Lahela. Especially with that outfit on! I love the skirt.

  2. i would LOVE to see more pics of your Carleen! i'm considering the different skin types and which one best suits this sculpt and would love to hear your thoughts on how easily it matches wigs and clothing. i'm michael from DoA :)