Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Iplehouse YID Harin Arrives

I have been trying to post this box opening to Den of Angels for three consecutive nights.  It's the usual story.  I enter a couple of photos and then the system crashes.  Tonight it crashed on the very first photo.  Enough!  I know when I'm licked.  I'm posting it here.

Harin is one of the sculpts that I always liked, yet never got around to buying.  I finally bought her when Iple House announced the end of the YID line.  They made it sound like the YIDs were going away forever, yet the first of the redesigned bodies should be rolling out at the end of this month.  It sounds like they will be compatible with existing SID and EID heads, but not with the old YID heads.  So before the old sculpts went away for good, I ordered a boy, Mars (aka Grant, who arrived a few weeks ago) and a girl, Harin (who arrived this week).  Harin has not yet revealed to me what her name will be.  We're working on it. 

This is the carrier bag that the YIDs arrived in.  I’m glad to have it, because it will make travel to doll meet-ups easier and safer.  It probably won't fit the largest dolls, but it will work for the Elfdolls, the OasisDoll, and my largest Kaye Wiggs girl.  I bought the next size up to accommodate the big guys and girls.  The smaller dolls are easier to carry.

 Along with the doll I ordered a wig, two pairs of shoes, and clothing.  Actually, I needed none of these things, because YID Harin is a standard size who can wear many of the things I already have.  And the denim skirt that came with the white blouse is extremely short.  I had to find her some underpants, because as soon as she sat down I could see all the way to forever!

I ordered Harin in white skin and she shipped with brown eyes.  Normally my dolls don't wear brown eyes.  It's just a preference of mine.  Harin is no exception.  After I took her initial photos, I searched my eye box for another color. 

Here she is with Grant wearing blue eyes from SoulDoll.  I almost think I like the brown eyes better.  I will probably go digging through my stash this weekend to see what else looks good on her.  She looks great in some of my other wigs.  I just haven't photographed them yet.

Her style is different from Iple’s other dolls.  In a way, she resembles other bjds more than Iples.  I don’t know if she was especially loosely strung, or if all Iple YIDs were strung this loosely.  She didn’t stand out of the box, even in flat feet.  I have not yet tried her heel feet.  Her flat feet did fit into a pair of DollHeart shoes that I bought a few years ago.  No one else can get into them.  I knew if I kept them, a doll would come along who could wear them.  (After that big a build-up I should have a shoe photo, but I find I didn't take any.  Another project for the weekend.)

One more photo of the lovebirds before I call it a day.  This dress/jumper was actually designed for IpleHouse YIDs.  It's the Annabella pattern, from Adams-Harris Pattern Company.  I made this one for Elfdoll Sooah.

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  1. She is a beautiful girl. I like her with brown eyes or blue.