Sunday, March 25, 2012

Iplehouse Girls Size Comparison

Okay, I admit it.  This post is a filler.  My Realpukis arrived on Friday and I had every intention of writing about them, because they are: Just. Too. Cute.  However, they are also naked, and so far my attempts at creating clothing for something so tiny to wear have been dismal, to say the least.  My sewing machine has chosen this very weekend to break down, so I have been sewing by hand.  Teeny tiny things that I can barely see.  The results are not a pretty sight.

And so, in order to beg off another week while I get the d*#&!d machine fixed, I decided to line up my Iplehouse girls for a size comparison photo.  I would do it with the boys, too, except I don't have one in every size Iple makes.  With the girls I do.

In the back row we have EID Lahela (65 cm), then SID Zera (62 cm) and YID Harin (59 cm).  This is the old YID.  The new ones will have a different body type (58.7 cm), as well as new faces.  In the front row we have BID Erzulie (26 cm) and JID Tania (43 cm).  Poor little Erzulie looks like she has wandered into the Land of Giants.

Harin looks a wee bit shorter next to the larger girls because I have not yet put on her high heel feet.  In the photo, she and Erzulie are the only ones not wearing heels.  All of the girls are standing on similar doll stands to keep their heights consistent.

I received a clothing order from Iplehouse this weekend, so in the photo Zera can be seen wearing a new red sweater with dark leggings.  The website said "black" but they are closer to brown.  The white thing at her waist is not a belt -- it's the doll stand, which is holding her sideways.

Barahan also has a new outfit, complete with a new wig.  (The wig is a Kana from Jpopdolls.)  I thought I would show him (65 cm) next to BID Byuri (26 cm).  Biyuri needed to climb on a chair in order to be in the same photo as his Dad.  The little guy is wearing a bomber cap with goggles.  Thinking it wouldn't fit over a wig, I photographed it without one, but it ended up loose.  Next time I'll put a wig on under it.

Last but not least, Jamie (Claude) also has a new wig to wear with the new shirt that I believe I previewed here recently.  His wig is also a Kana from Jpopdolls.  I like these wigs better than the Iplehouse wigs for the boys.  The hair is softer and easier to style.  The IH wigs tend to be stiff and unmanageable.

Shane also has a new outfit, but I will keep you in suspense a little longer. I want to make a dress for Carleen (Lahela) to complement it. Without a sewing machine, that will not happen this week.

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  1. Are you on DOA? Send me a pm there with your address and I'll send you two pair of knit pants from byGill for your realpukis. (I cancelled my realpuki order, but not before I had ordered some clothes for him).
    I'm bearpicnic over on DOA, too.